Monday, August 27, 2007

Last Minute Prep

Last minute, but much earlier than I've done in the past, I think!  All assignments except in Social Studies have been entered into the Homeschool Tracker and the new school bookshelf is coming along nicely.  I have some books still in the shelf that are supposed to be listed for sale, and then I can move them to make room for the remainder of our school resources.  Two other jobs to work on this week are: 1) putting into storage past years' school materials; and 2) getting the extra resources ready for the first unit in Social Studies.


Today is the last day of work for Harrison, for a couple months anyway, so I'm sure he'll be delighted that he can really focus on schoolwork.    Spencer remains cautious about the new school year, he's certainly not demonstrating any excitement (but when does he, really) but he's not negative either, so I'll take that as being a good thing at this point.  Landon and Kennady both are rather anxious to get going with Math.  Landon was paging through his brand new Language Arts books yesterday and seemed to be looking forward to it. 


School starts next week!!!!




msack said...

Sounds like you are moving along nicely!

You will have to show us some pics of your school room when you aredone!

drewsfamilytx said...

We're going to start next week as well!

We were originally going to wait until the remodeling was finished and we could move into our new house... but that has been delayed for at least another 6 weeks and frankly, we just CANNOT wait that much longer. The boys and I need our routine back. I've been stressed out about our time off, the new house, sick kids... pretty much everything. Stressed mommy is definitely UNfun.

The boys usually enjoy the routine and quality time that our daily lessons bring us (even if they would deny it if I asked them right now).

So are you taking Monday off for Labor Day or diving right in?


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