Friday, August 24, 2007

Show & Tell - Utz Factory

I was pretty lost on what to do for Show & Tell this week, but then I saw in my sidebar that today is the anniversary of the day the potato chip was invented.  LOL  And I never did post anything about our visits to the Utz potato chip factory in Hanover, PA.  Now, my disclaimer is this: you can't take pictures IN the tour area, of course, so I sure don't have much in the way of  the "Show" portion of Show & Tell. 


We regularly visit the Snyders and Utz factory stores in Hanover, but early this spring, I finally took the Utz tour.  It's actually a self-guided little tour where you walk through a gallery that overlooks the production areas and there are push-button audio explanations at each window.  Perfect for an impromptu stop while in Hanover, and for little kids with shorter attention spans.  Might mean that Mom doesn't get to hear the entire  explanation of how the potato peeling machine works, but it's better than trying to get a kid to zip their lip so everyone in the tour group can hear the tour guide's explanation while Mom still misses it because she's dealing with the kid.  Make sense?  Probably not.


So anyway, here's my grand total of TWO pictures of the Utz factory.  This is just inside the door, a display showing some of the original stuff from when the factory was opened:


And this is the homeschool group I went with back in March:

I'm not in that picture, but a couple of my kids are... somewhere...


I was just at the Utz factory again this past Monday, but they still won't let you take pictures in the gallery, so I just took another picture of the first one I posted here.  LOL


Show & Tell is hosted by Mary so if you go over to her blog you'll find links to many Show & Tells FAR more interesting than mine, I'm sure. 


jenn4him said...

Potato chips are one of my favorite foods!!! How neat to live near a factory and get to take a tour.


Canadagirl said...

BTW, I found your S&T very interesting. I LOVE potato chips. I wish I could have gone with you ! You will have to let us know in the future "how" they did peel the potatoes. [0= I understand what you meant by not getting to hear the spiel. Been there done that. [0;

God Bless my SSiC

In Him<><


bakerswife said...

Yummy! Makes me hungry for potato chips!

I am glad to learn about Utz chips and will go to their site for more info. Thanks for posting!

Blessings, Mama Karen

TrainingHearts said...

Yummy potato chips!

Happy Show & Tell Friday!


socalval said...

What a fun place!

Come on by and say hello today - I've got a yummy show and tell to share. Also, be sure to sign my guest book - I'd love to hear from you!


short said...

When I was a little girl we went on an outing to a potato chip factory. They gave us so many bags of chips to take home with us, I remember thinking we got our money's worth :-) Thanks for sharing.

bubbebobbie said...

My favorite place in PA is Bethlehem. Have you ever been to the music festival there?

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

MiryClay said...

Mmmmm. PA has two great things. Potatoe chips & Hershey Chocolate.



withHim4ever said...

Cool! I lived in PA for two years, we did hear of the factory, but never had a chance to make to there for a tour. Have you been to Hershey Chocolate World?

SuzyScribbles said...

I've never heard of Utz potato chips. Is this an east coast delight? But a tour of the factory sounds very fun!

BChsMamaof3 said...

That's one yummy field trip! Thanks for sharing. We're hopefully going to be able to have a field trip with a couple that roasts their own coffee beans. Fun but not as tastey as chips *grin*



CrossView said...

Ooh! Neat! And please tell me there were samples??

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