Friday, October 26, 2007

Show & Tell {Feeling a Little Flat}

We had a little Flat person come to visit us!  So my Show & Tell this week is about Flat Logan and the things we've done with him so far.


Most of the time, Flat Logan has been just hanging out with us as we go through our days.  I don't think it's been very exciting for him - no field trips lately, and I've been busy running DH to work and doctors and therapy etc.  So this week I decided we need to just take some pictures and then send him on to his next family!  His first "official" outing was to accompany Landon to the dentist.  Here they are in the van right before we went into the waiting room:

As you can see, Logan is in a pretty good mood - Landon... not so much.  LOL


After the dentist (no cavities!!!!), we went round the library and Logan helped Landon sign out a couple of books on the self-checkout.

Wednesday evening is Clubhouse and youth activities at church.  This week was the hayride!  Kennady is very excited about going on her first hayride:

It's my understanding that Flat Logan also enjoyed snacktime with the kids after the hayride.

Sadly, I could not take pictures of the hayride itself, because I work with the teens on Wednesday nights, so after settling the younger two in the classes, I have to head over the The Vault (as the building and the youth ministry program are both known - the building is a former bank building that the church purchased and renovated as a youth center.  I should do that as a Show & Tell sometime, shouldn't I...)  So when Clubhouse is over, I or DH go pick up the kids from the Clubhouse classrooms at the church and they hang out with us at The Vault until all or most of the teens have headed out.  Kennady wanted to make sure we got one picture of Daddy with Flat Logan:


Then I let Kennady take Logan to the stage and the two of them tried out the instruments:

(I must start giving that girl lessons)

Then they played foosball with the other boys, but by that time my camera battery had died!


Tomorrow we are going to the Fall Fest in town, and I recharged my batteries, so we will show Logan around the town and maybe meet some of the Pumpkin People.  Then Logan will be packing his bags (okay... envelopes) to go visit another homeschooling family. 

Thanks for visiting!  Head over to CanadaGirl's blog to see all the other Show & Tell's, and to participate!


Canadagirl said...

Send Flat Logan my way !!! ( only if you want [ 0=) I just LOVED this post. I would love for you to share about The Vault. [ 0= I can't wait till you post about the Fall Festival. SHOW PICS please. [ 0;

Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC

In Him<><


naturalpaths said...

What fun! Years ago, before we ever had children of our own, one of our nieces sent Flat Stanley to visit us. I also had a Flat Stanley visit my Girls In Action class at church years ago.

Looks like you've treated Flat Logan to a great time!

bakerswife said...


Flat Logan had a great day with Landon and Kennedy! Thank you for sharing his outings. I'll bet he will miss you all when he leaves.

Blessing, MamaK

sharity said...

Too cute!



MyChildrenAndMe said...

Great Show & Tell, I can tell the kids had lot's of fun.

Have a great weekend...



withHim4ever said...

Great S&T, cute pictures and very creative.

I tried coming here this last weekend, but your blog would not load for me, it kept saying I needed to sign in, when i was already signed in. Sorry for being late.


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