Monday, October 8, 2007


Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and although it turns out we will not be having our traditional turkey dinner, nor will we be having company, we still will take some time to express thanksgiving for our many blessings. 

  • DH's surgery went very well and he's recovering quickly.

  • DH's job and all the benefits it brings us

  • our family's good health

  • my parents and my in-laws - we have excellent relationships with all our family members, and both sets of parents are examples of lasting and happy marriages

  • our wonderful church family

  • the ability for me to be at home and to homeschool

  • our house and the many things we have

  • books - I love books!!!!!

  • a piano and music and CDs etc - and also the opportunities I have to sing and play at church and to sing in a community choir

  • coffee.  Especially:

  • fall colours  (although we don't have a great deal yet - this is the tree I can see from my window)


  • telephone and internet.  Seriously... as far as we live from our families, if we couldn't phone and email, that would be tough.  I also value the many cyber-friendships I've made over the years!

  • passports and airline tickets so we can visit my family this fall (will have to pray that our flights are on time and safe and all that good stuff.  I don't like flying any more)

  • a godly, faithful DH who is more patient with me than I deserve

  • Harrison - despite my complaints about his attitude, he really is a good kid and I'm proud of him.  I'm especially thankful that he loves the Lord and has solid friendships.  I'm thankful that he isn't old enough for a driver's license just yet.  LOL

  • Spencer - I'm thankful that he is getting brave enough to do some new things (church youth activities, and learning a bit about running the sound board etc), and for his willingness to work hard at schoolwork that doesn't come easy for him.  He is a good helper and hard worker at home too.  And that he is walking with the Lord and is faithful to do his devotions.

  • Landon - He is growing in his faith, and I'm thankful that he has good friends at church and in our homeschool group.  He is also a hard worker and eager student.  And he's funny!

  • Kennady - She loves to sing praise songs - ones she learns at church, and some that she makes up herself.  The ones she makes up are not always doctrinally sound in the strictest sense LOL - but they center around praising God and her love for Jesus, so I believe God is honored by her six-year-old heart to praise Him.  I am also very thankful that she is still a cuddle-bug. 


Prncsstefy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Reading about Kennady still being a snuggle bug, I am definitely blessed that Luke and Jason are both still snuggle bugs, although the older they get the harder it is to get both of them in my lap! LOL!


CrossView said...

What a wonderful list! =D

jenn4him said...

Sounds like you had a thankful Thanksgiving!


bakerswife said...

Happy Thanksgiving, belated. Your blessings list is very sweet. I love my little 6 yr. old grandson, who is a cuddle bug too!

Blessings, MamaK

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