Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kennady's First Report Card

I ran out of time yesterday to do a post dedicated to Kennady's first quarter grades.  As Harrison is fond of pointing out to me - how could she possibly get anything BUT an A - and I have to admit he has a point.  It's First Grade, after all, so a good part of the grade is from just showing up and having a decent attitude! LOL  I'm considering offering a class in "Giving Up Thumb-sucking" for second semester, because this habit has still not gone away completely - and now that she's reached the age where the Tooth Fairy will soon be visiting, we are needing to be more aggressive about kicking the habit.  *sigh*

  • Social Studies  -        A

  • Language Arts -         A

  • Math -                           A

  • Phys.Ed. -                   A+

  • Science -                     A

I also need to brag about us a little bit - we are finished our first semester Science already!!!! It took us just a bit more than one quarter to get through that book, so now we will double up on our Social Studies time in the second quarter. 

I've received comments here, and on my message boards about the Science books we are using.  I have the God's Design series that Answers in Genesis sells.  We used the book God's Design for Life: The Animal Kingdom last year.  This year we just completed God's Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Planet Earth and in second semester we will do God's Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Weather and Water.  I also have the astronomy book, the plants book, and a couple of the physics books in that series.  Most of the experiments and demonstrations we do come right from the book, although I do have another series of science books that I get ideas from - Donald B. DeYoung's Science and the Bible series.  I have volumes 1-3, as well as the Astronomy and the Bible and Weather and the Bible volumes.  These are great little books that I got from Christian Book Distributors.  The Science series has experiments/demonstrations along with a Bible lesson, so they are more like object lessons.  But I have found great applications for our homeschool science in there.  The astronomy and weather books are written in a question and answer format and have been a great supplement to our schooling as well.


msack said...

Those books sould great! what ages are they for?

CrossView said...

Great job, Kennady! =D

If you had to pick just one book to start with, which would you choose? As in, which has the easiest to understand and do experiments? And thank you for sharing!

Danika said...

Good job on the grades!

DanielleW said...

WTG Kennady! I haven't had to grade anything yet. I wonder when that will start.

drewsfamilytx said...


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