Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dinner in Russia

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We had a little more luck with yesterday's European-influence menu!  Our dinner was Chicken Kiev and Russian-style Stuffed Eggs, and for dessert, Charlotte Russe, in honor of Russia.

Chicken dishes usually go over well at our house and the simplified version of Chicken Kiev that we tried was no exception.  The only negative reaction was some consternation at the "shavings" inside the chicken rolls.  I explained that is was an herb called dill but the fact remained that it was green.  LOL  Still, it was very good, and not hard to make.  Our recipe came from the book, Passport on a Plate: A Round-the-World Cookbook for Children

It wasn't a very big recipe, just enough for me and the kids:

Kennady is already helping herself to a Stuffed Egg in that picture.  We got the recipe for the eggs from another student cookbook I like, Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students

From what I can tell, Russian-style Stuffed Eggs (or Yaitska Po-Russki) are different from Devilled Eggs in that they include sweet pickle relish.  At least that's how it's different from how I would normally make Devilled Eggs - as Kennady calls them "Doubled Eggs"  and they are a huge favorite of hers.  So she did a lot of the work in making them, and ate most of them too.

We also found a simplified recipe for Charlotte Russe in the Passport on a Plate cookbook, and so we assembled that while our Chicken Kiev was in the oven, and ate devoured it for our bedtime snack.  EVERYONE liked that, and it was very simple to make. 

I had mine with raspberries on top.  Mmmmmmm.....

That picture is too dark and it doesn't look nearly as appetizing as the real thing.  Oh well.  I didn't see ladyfingers in the grocery store, which you're supposed to use for Charlotte Russe, so we used vanilla wafers instead.  That worked fine, but probably we should have let it set longer so the cookies would get softer.  Doesn't matter, it still tasted so good!

And I should mention that although Kennady is the only student cook featured in the pictures, the boys did help put together the dessert and they certainly helped eat everything as well!  They just don't cooperate for pictures.  LOL

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CrossView said...

Ooh! The Russian foods sound delicious! =D

I've never met a stuffed egg I didn't like!

LOL @ "shavings".

Your "Vanna of the blog" is adorable. Her sweet face always makes me smile! =D

floridasunsets said...

Yumm! Looks like you had some fun in the kitchen this time. Much better than the French experiment.



PS. Tag Your It! See my blog!

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