Friday, January 11, 2008

Show & Tell {Birthday, Science & Other Recent Stuff}

It's time for Show & Tell Friday with CanadaGirl - visit her blog to participate and to see other Show & Tells.  My Show & Tell is pretty random today, just a couple pictures of some science-related things we did recently and a couple other silly pictures.

Landon turned 9 on Tuesday.  We didn't have a birthday party, at least not yet.  We're having friends over this evening for dinner and that's the "big" celebration this year.  But of course I had to take at least one picture of the birthday boy, uncooperative though he might be.

One of the things Landon got for Christmas was a little kit to grow rock crystals.  So we finally got around to doing that.  Here are the results:

It took longer than the package said it would, but at least we did get some pretty nifty looking crystals!

We will be starting a weather unit in Science in the second semester, and I will also be teaching a weather class at our co-op this year.  I asked Landon and Kennady to help me test some of the hands-on things we'll be doing at co-op, so I can gauge how long it takes to put them together and how much adult help the kids will need in class.  The first thing we tested was a "whirlwind in a bottle"  - the classic demonstration of how tornadoes spin.

That worked reasonably well, and only took about 10 minutes to construct.  Of course, after spinning the whirlwind around about 3 dozen times, the duct tape did develop a bit of a leak.  LOL

And a couple of fun pictures, just to get me caught up...  Kennady got the VeggieTales Christian Hits CD for Christmas, and it has quickly become a favorite.  I caught her doing air guitar to the CD awhile ago:

And finally, this is what she decided to wear to our New Years Eve party:

A Jasmine costume.  She certainly looked festive!


blessedwith2angels said...

Look like you are having a blast with all your school projects and fun stuff happening around your house. Happy Birthday to your son.


withHim4ever said...

What fun! We did these experiments with DD when she was your kids age. The crystals were her favorite.



SuzyScribbles said...

I've always wanted to know what those rock crystals end up looking like. Pretty cool.

And yes, the famous Tornado in a bottle experiment.

Isn't homeschooling fun?

MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

I have a crystal kit, and was wondering if it would work. You inspire me to give it a shot when we're close to some kind of reasonable spot for it.

Happy birthday to the birthday boy! He's the same age as my oldest now. :)

Your daughter is simply adorable! (We don't get too much girlie-cute stuff in this house for some reason...)

Glad to see your S&T. Thanks for sharing!

DaddysCHicks said...

Such a cut Princess!

Have a blessed weekend!

Your friend,


blessinghill said...

Lots of great projects and lots of fun in between it looks like.

jenn4him said...

That rock crystal looks very interesting, something my kids would enjoy!


CrossView said...

We love the Veggie Tales sing-alongs! LOL!

Princess Jasmine looks, well, like a princess! =D

We did the tornado experiment years ago. It may be time to do it again. My youngest won't remember it...

I'd love to participate in a science co-op that you lead. You have such great science stuff! =D

bakerswife said...

Happy Birthday Landon! I love the crystal project. Jasmine for New Year's Eve...very sweet!

Blessings, Mama Karen

TroopersForChrist said...

Happy belated 9th birthday to Landon! I'm glad to see the crystals worked and the tornado didn't break loose all over the floor. We still have our tornado maker from some years ago. The kids loved it. You will have to post on how your weather co op class goes.

I'm glad to see Veggie Tales continue to be a 'hit' with children.


Canadagirl said...

I just love all the science you all do ! I want to do a tornado in bottle soon!! That is so much fun.[0=

I just wanted to let you know the good news !!! The boys won their 1st curling game today of their qualifying games for the BC Winter Games. If they win one more game tomorrow then they are going to the BC Winter games !

short said...

We grew some salt crystals and did the whole light vs dark thing to see which grew quicker. They went wild and took over the containers they were in but never looked as pretty as yours.

drewsfamilytx said...


And it's just not a New Year's Party without Jasmine! You look beautiful, Kennady.

Haflingerhorses said...

It looks like you are a very creative teacher. Your children are blessed!

Have a great (rest of the) week,


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