Thursday, January 24, 2008

We'll stick with French fries, thanks.

Yesterday we tried a couple of French food items, with mixed reviews.  At dinner we had a Potato-Cheese Souffle (recipe found in Passport on a Plate), which is a combination of mashed potatoes and cheese souffle.  The mashed potato lovers in our family liked it, although DH mentioned that the texture was not was he was expecting.  True - it LOOKED like a very fluffy souffle, but had the consistency of mashed potatoes, so that was a little different.  Well, I liked it, and may even make it again.  In the evening we tried a baked brie dessert.  My apologies to those that may love it, but we didn't care for it.  I will say I'm glad I didn't read wikipedia's description of it before trying it - an "ammonia" taste?  That doesn't sound appetizing.  LOL   Maybe I should have got the totally plain one - with just the cheese in the brioche crust, but I thought that the dessert version (something like the recipe in the link) would go over better.  Wrong.  (and a rather expensive experiment, unfortunately)  So what do I do with leftover brie??  I might be able to eat another little piece, but it's not going on my favorites list.  LOL  Is a French dip sandwich truly French?  I didn't check the origin of it, but that's what I had ready to throw together for dinner, and we DO like that.  I think our French food choices will continue to be: French fries, French toast, French dip and the like.

Today is the first day of our co-op classes, so I am pulling together a few more things for the Weather class I'm teaching for the 7 to 9 year-olds.  If all goes well, I will post my outlines and reviews of what we're doing here sometime soon.


floridasunsets said...

Oh, and don't forget the French Vanilla Ice Cream! Thanks for sharing your cooking experiment. We just had a similar experience with Mexican cooking, and tonight it a trip to the Islands. Should be interesting at least.



CrossView said...

"French fries, French toast, French dip..."

Now that's my kind of French cooking! =D

We do try lots of things that we just don't like. But I figure that at least my kids are willing to try! =D

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