Friday, August 8, 2008

Show & Tell {Kingdom Bound 08}

I'm home from vacation just in time for Show & Tell, which is hosted by CanadaGirl.  Please join us, and visit the other bloggers participating!  I hope I'll have time to view them myself, and catch up on the blogs I read... 


For the past several years, our family has been going to a Christian music festival at Darien Lakes Theme Park (formerly Six Flags Darien Lake) in western New York state called Kingdom Bound.  We set up camp at nearby Darien Lake state park and then commute each day to the park for the concerts and speakers - and of course, the rides as well.  Here is the little tarp town we called home for the week:


Our next door neighbors are friends of ours and we share meals and campfires with them.  There is a lake (duh - Darien LAKE) with a beach, but despite our good intentions, we still haven't been there.  There is a playground near our site and the younger kids sometimes go over there.  This year we also got a look at a snapping turtle that had wandered up to the road near the bathrooms!




We think he had a run-in with the lawnmower - see the scrape on the top of his shell, and how the tail end of the shell is broken off?


Well... off to the park... we all enjoy the rides, and Landon is tall enough for all but one this year.  Kennady is still too short for the coasters, but she just managed to sneak in for this one - the Silver Bullet, I think its called.  I guess Harrison must have looked really responsible to the ride attendant:


There isn't much point in taking pictures at the concerts, because we usually are too far back, but I usually grab a couple shots just for fun.  Some of the bands we saw this year were:  Decemberadio, Thousand Foot KrutchSkillet, Denver & the Mile High OrchestraBig Daddy Weave, Salvador, Jaci Velazquez, 33 Miles (had not even heard of these guys before, but I really liked them - always nice to add someone new to the list of artists we enjoy), Matthew West, Delirious, and Newsboys.  I will put up a couple pictures I got of the Newsboys concert, since I was actually close enough to get some that turned out.  We also met an artist and speaker - Eric Samuel Timm - and bought some of his prints. Other speakers we enjoyed were Justin Lookadoo and James Ryle




Well, just looking at the time now, I guess I probably won't have time to visit everyone's blogs today and get caught up, but I'll try to see a few.  I'm short on time because Harrison and I are going on a mission trip to Honduras, and we leave tomorrow!! Not much time between the camping trip and heading to the airport to do all the laundry and all the other fun stuff.  I'll be back in just over a week, and hopefully have LOTS of Show & Tell material from Honduras!!  Prayers for the trip and for the projects the team will be working on are appreciated!


kimalita said...

How awesome, Honduras! Prayer for you guys!!!

Love the pics -- from reading all who were there, sounds wonderful! And that poor turtle. Thats a great pic, I don't think I have seen one in real life, well at the zoo.

I cant wait to hear what God has done when you get back from Honduras!!

blessedwith2angels said...

Wow, Honduras on a Mission Trip! Praying for a safe trip for you--what a great opportunity.

The vacation looks like tons of fun. : )


CelticMom said...

Wow - what a wonderful week you gave your family!! I have such fond memories of camping; we love taking our boys, too. Looks like your kids had a blast on the rides. :)

Have a wonderful (and uneventful) trip to Honduras! What an experience that will be - can't wait to hear all about it.



sonoranstamper said...

I love Big Daddy Weave!!! They're one of my favorites!!! I'm jealous!! Just kidding!!! I hope you had a great week! It sounds like something my family would love!!!

I'll pray for your trip!!! I pray for the Lord to open doors while you're there!!!

Thanks for sharing,


Kinley said...

Looks like lots of fun!


4sweetums said...

What a lovely vacation.



mamakaren said...

Good wholesome family fun! That poor turtle probably has a "tail" to tell. (-:

Blessings, MamaKaren

Haflingerhorses said...

Home from a camping trip and the next day off to Hondurus?! Wow! Maybe we should call you Super Blogger! That's dedication to fit us in!


Canadagirl said...

Wow you are a busy gal ! And what a exciting life too !! Have fun and report when you get back !!

Praying blessings on your trip

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

In Him<><


bubbebobbie said...

What a wonderful tradition, it's not a family rock, but it certainly did rock.

I did not know you were heading off to Honduras on a Missions trip.

Heavenly Father I ask that you would go before the teamand prepare the way for your message to be proclaimed that You Lord would soften hearts and set just the riht people in their path just as you did for the Ethiopian. Watch over this team, protect their hearts and emotions that they would not give satan any footholds in this work. They are all One in the Lord let them stand tall as one. Guard their coming and going and let this be a time of growth in their own hearts and lives that they did not expect, but You ordained.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

prov 16:3

Anonymous said...

Praying the mission trip went well.


CrossView said...

Wow! Looks like a fantastic time. =D

We LOVE the Newsboys. Peter Furler is amazingly talented....

MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

How awesome! We haven't been to something like that since . . . before kids! But, I remember how cool they are!

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