Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: In Which We Actually Take a Snow Day

Homeschool:   We started our week with a mix of good and bad on Monday - our Science lesson on qualitative and quantitave observation went very well.  Kennady and I had quite a struggle with Math in the afternoon, which was certainly not one of our my prouder moments in homeschooling.  But the schoolday ended on a much happier note, as Kennady had a HomeEc project that was a great success.  She made a yeast-based pizza crust from scratch, so we had homemade pizza for dinner, and it was delicious!  (Monday got it's own blog entry with pictures)

On Tuesday I wasn't feeling my best so I made no effort to get the late-sleeping younger kids out of bed.  When they finally did get up we focused on Math and Language Arts.

Wednesday was a snow day for our county schools because of the snow, which wouldn't have affected our school plans at all... except that we got a call from the youth pastor around lunchtime, and I thought we could probably rearrange our day to allow Spencer and Landon to meet him and some other youth for an afternoon of tobagganing. Spencer made up the time on schoolwork after dinner.  And Landon...  Landon had already finished his Math in the morning, not just for the day, but he had finished the entire Grade 6 math workbook!!!!  So he has definitely earned a bit of a break! ;-)  Rest assured he will get a week or two respite from Math, and then we'll do a placement test for Saxon Math and get started on Grade 7 level work. 

Thursday turned out to a productive day even though kids were once again very reluctant to get up. We did a science lesson on the metric system, and a quiz. Kennady did another HomeEc lesson which resulte in puffovers that we could eat with our lunch. Yummy! (That got its own blog entry too) Kennady worked on a report on snow leopards for social studies in the afternoon, and even insisted typing it herself.

We were able to spend a good bit of time focusing on ancient China for social studies on Friday morning, and the kids worked on their other subjects on their own in the afternoon.

In Other News:    It started snowing on Tuesday afternoon, and kept on throughout the evening.  It was beautiful, and the snow was the wonderful powdery stuff too!  The sad part was that it meant a couple of activities were cancelled.  On Tuesday evening my homeschool group's encouragement get-together for moms was cancelled.  That means I'll miss it entirely this month, because it's rescheduled for next Tuesday - the same day choir practice starts up.  Oh well. *sigh*  Because the schools were closed all day Wednesday (seriously, all day???  I would have understood if they'd had a two-hour delay, but not the all day thing. ) that meant the church activities for Wednesday evening were automatically cancelled too.  So we missed Vault (youth group) and Clubhouse (kids program).  However, we did have worship team practice, and got to do it much earlier than usual, and I got home in time to play some games with the kids again in the evening. 

Harrison was full of news when I picked him up on Friday.  He finished his audition tape this week and has already sent it and a resume to one station after his teacher gave him a good lead.  He has also been contacting area stations to find out about job and/or internship opportunities.  One station got back to him immediately and he has made an appointment to tour the station and 'shadow' one of their staff next month.  It's a good start in the job search.  And it's hard to believe that he has less than a month of school left!

We decided to get an early start on spring cleaning today, and did a major clean and organize job in the living room.  I'm not quite finished out there, but I feel so much better about it already!  I've just baked some muffins and a lemon-poppyseed loaf for Big Breakfast at Sunday School tomorrow.  And I think it must be almost time to put some kids to bed...

On My Bookshelf:
  • The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory
  • Bespelling Jane Austen by Mary Balogh et al
  • The Scribe by Francine Rivers
I finally finished The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare this week! Seems like I've been slogging through that one forever.  It wasn't a bad book, I just didn't get emotionally invested in it.  I think I'm a little behind on my blogging about books, but I'm trying to get those caught up over at my Bookcase

Parting Shot:

Yes - actually FOUR shots, all pretty much the same sunrise from Friday morning.  I was just having fun playing at Piknik.  And it really WAS a very pretty sunrise - it doesn't show well on the pictures I got, but there was almost a cross effect. 


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