Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: In Which Our Lawn Gets Cut Down to Size

In our homeschool this week... there were some lazy days but overall things went well. DH got involved by establishing a minimum number of pages Spencer was to read each day (World Lit) so that helped keep him on track. Our co-op ended two weeks ago, but this week we had a pizza party to celebrate, so Thursday was a fun day.

In other news... we bought a new lawn tractor. After several years of saying we probably should, we finally did it. And boy, does our lawn need mowing after all the rain we got over the last week or so! More storms rolled through the area this week as well, and we got a fair amount of rain on Wednesday night, but despite tornado watches and flash flood warnings, nothing really serious occurred in our area.

Thursday evening we attended the church's Grad Dinner to honor high school and college graduates from our youth group and church. Harrison got to attend as a grad again this year, since he finished classes at BIM. He was hoping there would be a special prize for being a grad two years in a row. ;-)

Kennady was finally able to play some softball this week. She had fun but lost both games. There's another game today, so maybe they'll have better luck.

My favorite thing this week was... news from home that a new nephew joined the family, born to my brother and his girlfriend on Tuesday!

What's working/not working for us... piano lessons still aren't working very well. We have good intentions, but Kennady and I still haven't found a good routine.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... I really need to make a decision soon about whether I will attend both days or not at the homeschool convention and curriculum fair. I suppose I will have to look at the schedule of workshops and see if just one day will do it for me.

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You can kinda see the backyard before it was mowed:

On the Bookshelf...

  • Miniatures and Morals: The Christian Novels of Jane Austen by Peter Leithart

  • Deep Church by Jim Belcher

  • Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

  • Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs

Finished Lady Macbeth and In Search of the Lost Ark of the Covenant

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Eileen @ Ordained Praise said...

Congrats to your son for being honored at your church. it is so important to keep connected to the Faith for our children. The church is the perfect place for it. My two college sons were able to be honored at our parish too. It probably helped them on there college apps.

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

A riding mower would be sooo blissful! Congrats on yours!

Our Country Road said...

We have gotten a ton of rain lately too! The tractor was certainly in order if your yard looked like ours! Hope you can get a routine for the piano lessons. I loved them as a kid!

Annie Kate said...

Lawn tractors are indispensible if you have a large lawn. When we finally got one, it save my husband about 8 hours of work a week!

After 10 years of music, we still haven't got a practice routine! It just sort of happens...or not as the case may be, and still causes us grief. I hope you find something that works for you!

Annie Kate

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