Friday, October 7, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge: October 7th

I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to join the Reading Aloud Challenge the week before house guests were arriving, and I knew we wouldn't do much schoolwork for at least two weeks.  That was way back on September 16th.  Three weeks later I am going to try this again.  I thought we would be finished The Wanderings of Odysseus way back then, but we only finished it on Tuesday.  Very weird stuff, but not a bad read.  Rosemary Sutcliff does a great job of retelling the story for a younger audience, with manageable chapters.  This wasn't a favorite with the kids, but overall they didn't mind it too much.

We have continued our music study in A Young Scholar's Guide to the Composers.  We covered Baroque Music (posts here and here) and this week we studied Antonio Vivaldi.

After a bit of a break while my family were here, we are back to work in History,  so I have a couple of books sitting here ready to go.  I think we will get going today with DK Eyewitness Books Ancient Rome and History in Art: Ancient Rome.

We've been reading in God's Design: Properties of Ecosystems, with recent lessons on the Grasslands and Forests biomes.

I've received a request from Landon to read some Lord of the Rings so I'm considering whether we can fit a reading of The Hobbit into our schedule without weighing us down.  We seem to have trouble sticking to schedules around here, and this would be something we'd add on top of what we already need to accomplish.  So I'm thinking about it before jumping in - I don't want to read a few chapters and then never finish.

I'm back to participating in the Reading Aloud Challenge hosted by Footprints in the Butter and hope to have more books to report on in the weeks to come!


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