Monday, June 25, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: June 25, 2012

It was a lazy week in a lot of ways, and yet I did get some things done.  And some things I didn't get done!
  1. Sort school stuff. Not done.  
  2. Clean up my desk. Progress.  Several more things looked after and put away properly, and it's really starting to look better!
  3. Reading... Progress. Picked up Julius Caesar but haven't started it yet, although I did read the beginning part of the study on it in the Leithart book.  Did better with my Bible reading, but I think there's always room for improvement there.
  4. Blog goals... Done. Did my usual weekly posts, and got several catch-up posts done on my book blog.
  5. Baking and meal planning. Progress.  Meal planning went fairly well this week, and I did a good job of planning my grocery shopping trip.  I just signed up for the new 'personalized' shopping card thing at Safeway, and if nothing else, I like that I can make a grocery list using it! I did not bake though, partly because I was lazy, but mostly because it was just too hot this week and I didn't want to have the oven on more than strictly necessary.
  6. Decluttering... Progress. Especially in Kennady's room! Yay!
  7. Lesson planning. Progress.  I laid out some plans in a notebook for an Olympic unit study we're doing, which I might start today; and got quite a bit of planning done for our science course.  
  8. Clean the fridge. Not done.  Well, I removed the unplanned science experiments that I found, but I didn't empty the fridge and clean it like I wanted to.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list: Complete.
This week will be a little different - the two oldest boys will be gone to Creation for the second half of the week, and I do have a few more appointments and responsibilities.

  1. Sort school stuff.  At least a little bit.  Sheesh.
  2. Clean up my desk.  There is light at the end of this tunnel! And once I reach it, then I'll have to tackle the bookshelves and the storage section...
  3. Reading... now that I have Julius Caesar in hand, I can read that this week.  Keep my Bible reading appointments.
  4. Blog goals... Finish catching up the book blog, and I have a few posts in mind for this blog.  Work on the reviews that are coming up.
  5. Baking and meal planning. In a way, meal planning should be easier this week with fewer mouths to feed!  The cookie recipe I tried last week got approval from the whole family, so we will make another batch of those, and I will attempt to bake bread and maybe some goodies this week too, depending on how my time goes.  And on the weather! 
  6. Decluttering... Kennady's room is looking so much better, and I want to keep the momentum in there.  She has a hard time letting go of things (wonder where she got that from?) so it's a pretty gradual process to clear out the toys and things that she has probably outgrown but thinks she still likes.
  7. Lesson planning. Finish putting the science course into the Tracker.  At least get started putting the language arts into the Tracker.  It's possible that I already have lesson plans for one or two of those courses, which would really save me some time and trouble, but I'm not counting on it since I didn't really start making use of the lesson plans feature until a couple years ago.
  8. Clean the fridge.  Like, for real clean it.  Take everything out, wipe it down, and put it back neatly.
  9. Plan for worship team. I'll be in charge of music for Sunday so I need to plan that, make sure we have a practice time that works for everybody, and look after some details.  I wonder if I should have put this near the top, but this list of goals that I make hasn't ever been numbered by priority.  That's too organized for me.
  10. This week's errands and to-do list includes: vehicles to the garage for repairs, CAP, Bible study, some errands, and a few phone calls.

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A Learning Journey said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog recently. I only wish I had time to plan meals this week. We are in dire need of eating healthier meals - being on the go and being tired doesn't help so we end up eating things we regret later. I will always be decluttering and sorting my school mess so I wish you the best of luck. I need to work on that goal again real soon! It's so hot here in Texas. so I understand not baking - it definitely heats up the house. We have an old stove in the garage that we use during the summer months so that the house doesn't get so hot. It has helped a bunch! Stop by again real soon! T

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