Friday, February 8, 2013

Think Back Thursday: Co-op classes

This week for Think Back Thursday, I'm sharing some pictures from past spring co-op classes.  For the past ten years (I can't believe it's been that long!!!) we've been participating in our homeschool group's co-op on Thursday afternoons.  It's 12 weeks of once-a-week enrichment type classes for preschool up to about age 13 or 14.  It has been a lot of fun.

This is Kennady (right in the center) with her class in 2007.  They are dressed in pink and wearing pig noses.  I don't remember what their lesson was - it may have been part of a FIAR style story study and that day's lesson was focusing on The Three Little Pigs.

In 2008, both Landon and Kennady had a Fiesta Day at co-op.  They shared reports about Latin American countries and enjoyed a sampling of food from those countries.

Kennady also had an astronomy class that year and made this model solar system:

At co-op 2009, Spencer's class did perspective drawing...

and a dissection lab.

Kennady and Landon both learned to play the recorder.

In 2010, Kennady's art class learned about famous artists and during one lesson they tried to paint like Michelangelo.

Art class is a recurring theme for co-op, and I'm so glad because that's a subject that I've had a hard time teaching consistently at home.  In 2011, Kennady's art class was a world culture theme and the art projects were inspired by folk arts from around the world.  Here she is with a couple of friends and their Chinese papercuts.

Same year - she also made a Old English style painted sign that is a picture of her name...

and sculpted an "ivory" chessman modeled after Norse chesspieces.

Last year, I taught a science class in which we learned about the physics applied in structures like buildings and bridges, in rocketry, and in medieval weapons such as trebuchets and catapults.

I don't take a lot of pictures at co-op because I am teaching or helping out in classes.  But that's what we do on Thursday afternoons!

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Charlotte said...

That looks like a very neat co-op, with a wide range of subjects being taught. I know I love our little co-op too; it is only 3 families (but we have 15 kids between us)but it keeps me accountable and helps fills some of the gaps. :-)

Debbie said...

Co-ops are great. My kids and I used to participate but $$ has made that impossible now beacuse we can't afford the gas. My kids are mostly graduated now also, and I only have one high school student. He likes just doing his work, getting it done as fast a possible and doesn't really like hands on projects... he prefers to read... BUT... I remember those days with fondness and have many pictures of my kids at co-ops and field trips with our group.

Thanks for sharing. It was fun to look back on your pictures and it brought back happy memories from my early years homeschooling.

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