Thursday, April 4, 2013

Think Back Thursday: School

You know what we had to miss again this school year? Homeschool Day at Historic St Mary's City. So since this week's theme for Think Back Thursday is "School" I will share some pictures from a past visit. Historic St Mary's City is a living history museum on the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland, where British settlers, both Protestant and Catholic, established a colony in 1634.

At the Homeschool Day in October of 2008, we visited the print house, where we learned the origin of the terms "upper case" and "lower case", and where we also learned why we should "mind our p's and q's"! The kids each got to crank the press too.

Not far from the print shop is an apothecary, where we learned a little about the herbs used in various remedies and how to make them. He was brewing a cough syrup when we visited.

In the shop, the kids tried their hand at writing with a quill.

At the plantation house, we watched a musket demonstration.

A replica of the ship Dove is in the harbor.

This is where we learned about the power of pulleys, and how to hoist an anchor using a windlass.

And back in the village, before the day was over I had to see both my youngest in the stocks and pillory.

Although neither of them look very repentant, do they?

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Debbie said...

Love your photos. We used to live in Salisbury, MD and we visited DC and Williamsburg but I have never heard of St. Mary's City. Looks like a great place to visit. Lots of things to see, do and learn. I have pictures of my kids in the stocks in Williamsburg.... great memories of fun homeschool days. I love being able to take a vacation and count it for school!!

Thanks for linking up. God bless.

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