Friday, May 17, 2013

A Picture I Like {Blog Every Day in May}

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, then I say remarkably little about myself on my blog. I think it's pretty common for moms to be the photographer than to be the subject of the photos, and usually I prefer it that way! I don't often genuinely like photos of myself, so the Blog Every Day in May challenge for today was one I probably needed to take. The suggestion was to share a picture of myself that I like and explain why. Due to the relative scarcity of pictures of myself on this blog, I picked out several photos of myself that I like. So if the pictures are worth a thousand words - prepare for a very long essay about me. Don't worry though - I'll likely never feature myself this way on the blog again!

The first two pictures I chose are from my childhood. I like that I can see a similarity between my baby picture and my daughter's baby pictures, and of course I always thought my daughter was beautiful.

This picture was from a snapshot someone took of me and my hubby (then my boyfriend).  I don't even know the occasion! A couple of years ago the photo was sent to us after our friend found it among some old photos and thought we would like this blast from the past. I love it because it is SOOOOOOOOO 80's!
This is my very favorite wedding picture.
This is a Mother's Day picture one of the photographers at church took several years ago. And I just like that I and my kids all look happy. And I don't look like a dufus, which is most often the case with pictures like this! LOL

You might be kinda familiar with this picture, especially if you know me on Facebook. We took this on our 25th anniversary last summer. My husband and I were just about to go out for our anniversary dinner and took a couple of pictures, and we had put new tires on the truck earlier that day. I joked that it was my very romantic anniversary gift.

And finally, some pictures that I like because they make me laugh. My philosophy is to laugh at myself before other people do, so in keeping with that, here are two pictures that I find funny. The first one had to be taken by my mom, although I have absolutely no memory of it. I found this gem in a stack of snapshots when I was looking for pictures of Harrison for his graduation yearbook. I completely cracked up. Just needs Gretchen Wilson's 'Redneck Woman' playing in the background to make it perfect!

And this one is a favorite of mine because it makes me laugh, and it's a good memory. We went to Niagara Falls with friends and decided not to wear the blue ponchos to walk up to the viewing area beside the falls. Let me tell ya - wear the ponchos. We looked and felt like drowned rats. But we laughed all the way up those stairs and back again, and have laughed about it ever since. Good times. Good times. And very good friends!

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Sandy said...

The tire picture cracked me up. I first looked at the picture and thought you were going to post you had changed your first tired, lol.

Mother of 3 said...

Such a fun look at yourself (and how you've grown).

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