Monday, July 8, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Celebration Edition

In our homeschool... I did my best to keep Landon and Kennady motivated and working on Biology and a computer course, respectively, but being a holiday week, they were not very cooperative. I posted my review of Institute for Excellence in Writing on Friday, so they could be finished with writing for the rest of the summer.

In other news... It was a week of celebration, with Canada Day, Kennady's birthday, and Independence Day! We had a very low-key celebration on Kennady's birthday, but she did have a friend over on Friday for a sleepover. On the 4th, we relaxed at home and smoked flank steak for dinner. We went to Frederick for fireworks in the evening and weren't terribly impressed with that show. Friday afternoon I took Kennady and her friend to see Despicable Me 2, which was very funny and entertaining! We had pizza for dinner and went to a local carnival in the evening for funnel cakes and more fireworks. The fireworks display sponsored by that local fire company's fundraising carnival were so much better than what the city had done! Saturday was another day of relaxing, for the most part.

I think this photo demonstrates one of the reasons I need a new camera. 8-/

One of my favorite things this week... fireworks and fun with family! (and more proof that the camera isn't working right... *sigh*)

Things I'm working on... My Five Goals update
Last week's goals were:
  • Celebrations! - Done! 
  • New projects at church - we had our meeting to discuss some of these things yesterday, and now I have some things to follow up on.
  • Lesson planning - not done. Just too many things going on over the week.
  • Reviews and other bloggy things - first review for this month posted, and I'm working on the others.
  • Housework - Got plenty done, but there's always more cleaning and decluttering to do.
Five Goals for this week:
  • Reviews and other bloggy things - I have more reviews I'm working on, at least one is scheduled to post before the week is over. A second one will probably wait until the beginning of next week before I'm ready to post. I'm also hosting a blog hop for the first time this week!
  • Clean up my desk - it's such a mess! 
  • Lesson planning - I keep saying I'm going to work on this, but it's hard to find the time.
  • Buy a new camera - mine is working maybe 10% of the time. Hubby gave me permission to get a new one. I would go ahead and buy it today, but I have a gift card coming that I want to use, so I will probably wait for that to arrive.
  • Baking - it's been too long since I baked bread or cookies. Thinking I'd better get back to it.
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A photo to share... my silly girl.

On the bookshelf...

  • The Spirit Well by Stephen R Lawhead
  • The Rebel Pledge by Rita Gerlach

A parting shot...

HMJ SUMMER logo landscape
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Homeschoolin Momma said...

Great post! Thank you for linking up at Our Heart and Home. Great pictures too! I am determined to take some pictures for my next week's post.

Kym Thorpe said...

Ha! I'm gonna be lucky to have any pictures for awhile because my camera is just about fried.

Thanks for visiting!

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