Monday, February 20, 2006


I had planned for a full schedule of school days this week.  Key word: HAD.  The public schools are not in session today or tomorrow, and predicatably my oldest has been invited to spend the night at a friend's.  So much for a full school day, today anyway.  So I'm taking this morning as my own "teacher in-service" day and I have a little extra time to work on my lesson plans. 


One of the things that we especially like about homeschooling is the flexibility it offers - having the ability to switch our schedule to suit our lives, working on subjects at the speed that suits us best.  But I still need lesson plans and deadlines, just to keep ME on track.  We're doing pretty good with keeping in line with the schedules I set at the beginning of the year, just a bit behind my goals for History.  Looks like we've caught up after being a bit behind in Science, and the rest of the year's curriculum in that subject will go very quickly!  I have trouble narrowing down History to manageable chunks of assignments, because it is one of my favorite subjects, and there is so much that would be fascinating to study further! 


So I think my goal this week will have to be that of getting us back onto the schedule with History - even if it means sacrificing some of the detail that I am interested in, but isn't necessary to cover the subject. 


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