Monday, August 28, 2006

Beginning Week Two... thoughts

Beginning Week Two:

My first thoughts this morning were something along the lines of "oh no, here we go again" as my oldest slept through his alarm clock and then had to be told to get his Bible so we could start the day.  Oh he arrived at the dining room table at 8:00, but he was hardly "ready to start"  Fine, we did our Bible reading (more about that in a moment) and then the kids were supposed to get started on their work for the day.  I gave the older boys their weekly assignment sheets and went over some things with them to help clarify for me what they'd already completed, and clarify for them what I expected for this week.  Finally they are working!  Thankfully all is peaceful right now (But for how long, Mr Spock? But for how long?) adn it seems as if things will go well today.  Whew!  I will be telling them later today that every morning they are not on time for school and ready to go, their bedtime that night will be moved up by a half hour.  That rule is being made today and will be enforced beginning tomorrow. 


Now, Bible reading... In January we accepted the challenge our church gave, which was to read through the entire Bible in one year.  I am doing the reading with the older two boys as part of our school day.  We are somewhat behind schedule, but even if it takes us 15 months instead of 12 to read through, we are still benefitting from the Scriptures!  What I've found interesting is that our readings last week and today have referenced the civilizations we are studying in History.  Obviously that won't happen all the time, but it was just a neat way to start a new year.  For instance, last week we read Daniel - and we had been studying the Babylonian Empire in History.  Also the prophecies in Daniel that talk about the kingdoms that would follow the Babylonians were quite timely.  Hopefully I'll remember to reference some of these Scriptures when we come to the Persians, Greeks, and Romans in History.  Today we read Jonah, and we've just finished discussing the Assyrians and their city of Nineveh.  Made me wonder which of the Assyrian kings was ruling in Nineveh at the time Jonah preached to them, because the Bible says that the king proclaimed a time of fasting and repentance before the LORD.  I also wonder about the sailors on the ship Jonah was on.  The Bible says that when the sea calmed immediately upon them throwing Jonah overboard, "the men greatly feared the LORD, and they offered a sacrifice to the LORD and made vows to him."  So did they keep their vows?  Did they seek to learn more about the God of the Hebrews when they returned to port, so that they could worship Him properly and know Him?  Did others come to know of the LORD because of the sailors' testimony and seek Him for themselves?  Interesting to think about.




DanielleW said...

I love when that happens with Bible reading. Isn't God neat!?

I'm still plugging away through my reading. I should finish sometime this year. (I started last year in May...yikes) And I've been convicted that I was rushing through to "get caught up" and to "get my quota for the day" in and that is not what it is about. It is about reading, and studying, and learning, and gleaning. So if it takes me 2 years to read it from cover to cover, so be it.

I love the idea of reading it with your Boys. When Cameron is older, I think we will do that. Plus I'm working on a children's version of read through your Bible schedule. Maybe work him into reading it on his own at some later day.

Hope this week goes better than the last.

kateyz said...

I'm doing the same thing. I signed up for an email service, where they send me the chapters I'm supposed to read every day. I like ti because it's in chronoligical order, rather than printed order. So it seems to make more sense in some places. My boys are enjoying it too, as we also do the reading at breakfast. I have enjoyed perusing your blog!


kateyz said...

go to

You can choose what version you would like to receive, there are 8

You can also choose how to receive it, either in printed order, alternating new testament with old, or as I have, chronolgically. I thought that was a great option!

Thanks for adding me to your friends list, I have added you to mine too!


LindaI said...

I am not doing it in a year but I have been doing great at reading each day. Well except now as dh is sleeping already but we are sick. I read a Psalms and then a New Testament chapter each day. So far I know I have been doing this like 38 days because that is what Psalms I am on! lol

We are also tackling tougher stories in Alyssa's kiddy bible with Sonlight. I hope someday when Tristan is older and I get routeen to make it first of the day. Bible that is. For now it is when Tristan naps.

Prncsstefy said...

Well it sounds like this week will be more promising then last. It's neat that your history and Bible reading have been related.

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