Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Kindergarten Math

Sorry I haven't been keeping the blog up to date recently.  It's not for lack of wanting to, but we've been busy with all kinds of things lately, and I honestly haven't had much to say that's homeschool related!

I just stopped in today to share a little funny from Kennady this morning:

The kids did some schoolwork this morning, even Kennady.  She is so funny - she looked at the very end of her K math book and exclaimed in horror to me: "Momma, this book has eekles in it!!!!! I don't know how to do eekles for REAL!" (She means "equals") I assured her that by the time she got to the end of the book, she would indeed know how to do those eekles so she shouldn't worry yet.  


Prncsstefy said...

Kennady is too cute! So what are you using for math with her?

kympossible said...

Hi Stef! Kennady is working on Modern Curriculum Press Math K (Kindergarten). Landon is going to stay in MCP for a few years too - it is just so much cheaper than Saxon, so as long as they do well in it I'm sticking with it, and switch them over to Saxon at Gr 6 or 7.



DanielleW said...

Too cute Kennady.

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