Friday, April 20, 2007

MACHE Shopping Day

Today is shopping day at the MACHE curriculum fair! So I am working on my list of resources that I need to purchase at some point, or need to look at “in person” before making a decision.
Math – Landon and Kennady need workbooks, Spencer will need a tests and worksheets book, and Harrison will need the whole package.
  • Modern Curriculum Press Math A for Kennady
  • Modern Curriculum Press Math C for Landon
  • Saxon 8/7 Tests and Worksheets for Spencer (I will not buy it today though, unless I find a real deal – I want to give Spencer the placement test when he is finished 7/6 or almost, just in case we can skip to Algebra ½, in which case I won’t need to buy him anything)
  • Saxon Algebra 1 Homeschool package for Harrison
Language Arts – this is the subject that requires a lot of decisions. Kennady won’t need anything, except possibly a workbook for Teach Your Children to Read Well, Level 1B. I probably won’t buy it today, since she is not finished 1A yet, so there is no rush. I don’t know what to do with Landon – Teach Your Children to Read Well, Level 2? Alpha Omega Lifepac 3? Nothing, and just work on spelling and handwriting from resources we already own? I know what I need for Spencer. For Harrison, I will get the AO Lifepac 10, unless I’m convinced that a different program would be more suitable to his ambitions in journalism. I am also 99% sure I will get the Student Writing Intensive.
  • Teach Your Children to Read Well, Level 1B workbook (?) for Kennady
  • Teach Your Children to Read Well, Level 2 (?) for Landon
  • AO Lifepac 3 (?) for Landon
  • AO Lifepac 7 for Spencer
  • AO Lifepac 10 for Harrison (or ----???)
  • Student Writing Intensive for Harrison
Science – this one isn’t too difficult. Harrison won’t finish his current Science course until end of first semester next school year, so I don’t need anything for him yet. I’ll browse high school science curricula and start getting some ideas for him. For the younger kids, we’ll use the God’s Design series, so I need to complete my set of those books. (I already own one of this set, but will have to check which one so I don’t buy a second copy! LOL)
  • God’s Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Weather and Water
  • God’s Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Universe
  • God’s Deisgn for Heaven and Earth: Our Planet Earth
Social Studies – this is the easiest subject to shop for, because I’ve already looked and considered, and have made my decision as to what I need.
  • Around the World in 180 Days
Some of the other things I’d like to have, but could hardly be considered “needs”:
  • John Hudson Tiner titles to add to our collection, such as Champions of Invention, Champions of Science, etc.
  • The Privileged Planet, DVD
  • AO Lifepac Electives: Art (although I’ve discovered it’s possible this is available through our library!)
  • Universe by Design, by Danny Faulkner
  • Roots and Fruits: A Comprehensive Vocabulary Curriculum
  • ILumina Homeschool edition CD-ROM
  • Exploring Weather, and Exploring Outer Space, both by Stephanie Finke


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I hope you had a successful shopping day at the convention! I'm really starting to look forward to the CHAP convention in a few weeks. My list has been made, re-made, changed, edited, oh about a million times! I get a little hyper with my list! LOL

Anyway, it's so exciting to actually have the "stuff". If you decide you need Saxon 8/7, I have a set to sell.


DanielleW said...

Oooh, that all looks good. I don't think I could shop for new stuff. I would want to stop and desist our old stuff and jump right in to the nice, new, clean, crisp stuff. ;o)

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