Friday, May 4, 2007

Show and Tell #1

CanadaGirl came up with the idea to do a "show and tell" on Fridays, and I liked it!  I've got several random things to choose from to start off with.  Hmmmm.... I'll show these two:

1)  Last Saturday, on our way home from her baseball game (where she made THREE OUTS by the way!) Kennady and I saw this bird on the road.  I haven't checked a field guide yet, but it appears to be a young hawk, possibly injured.  There was a dead rabbit on the road that I had seen earlier, and this fellow was standing nearby and made no effort to fly away when I approached in the minivan.  I thought this odd for a couple of reasons.  Since he stayed right at the side of the road and didn't try to fly off, I grabbed my camera, rolled down the window and grabbed a few photos.

2)  On Monday morning, I went out for breakfast with my parents and aunts.  As we drove down the farm road, we saw literally DOZENS of jet contrails in the otherwise crystal-clear sky.  None of us had ever noticed so many at one time before, and we figured that the atmosphere must be "just right" for them to stay visible for so long.  We pulled up at the end of the road and tried getting some pictures.  It was hard to capture the sheer numbers of contrails within the frame!  And I apologize for all the overhead wires - we should have driven ahead just a little bit.

I took this one through the windshield, but I think it is my favorite:

Naturally, being homeschoolers, we needed to know WHY there were so many contrails and if that really was unusual or just that we had never noticed before.  So, to keep my post truly educational  I will share some links to online info about contrails that my DH helped locate:

Contrail Education

NASA Contrail Count-a-Thon 2005

APOD picture of the day - contrails

I even found at the Contrail Education site (I think that's where it was) a pdf about contrails that I saved and may be able to use when we study weather in science next school year!


Canadagirl said...

This was a fun Show and Tell ! Thanks for sharing . (0= I will have to go check out your links with the boys when they get up. I hope you join us again.

God Bless my SSiC

In Him<><


~You are linked (0=

drewsfamilytx said...

Very cool!

Dh is a pilot so we notice them all the time. I especially love watching the designs made at air shows by groups like the Blue Angels.

Great pics-- wires and all! :-)

DanielleW said...

Wow very interesting pictures. The first picture of number 2 looks like that cell phone comercial about the bars. LOL

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