Monday, May 7, 2007

What we did - what's left to do

The last three weeks or so have been sort of a combination of spring break and unschooling at our house.  I had family here visiting for about two weeks, and since the arrival and departure dates were midweek, we took some breaks from schooling for three weeks total.  I hope to get back to it this week - but it's also a very busy season at the greenhouse, so Harrison is working two days a week.  He will have the hardest job "catching up"  I think.

Anyway, the boys kept up with Math and Language Arts fairly well over that time period.  Obviously they didn't hit the books every day, but enough so that I am not in despair over the time lost.   I didn't do any teaching in History or Science with the younger ones, so we do have some catching up to do there.  And we really need to get going on it, because the sooner we reach the final few lessons for this school year, the sooner I can allow myself to start planning for next year!  We did get out the telescope one night and observe the moon.  The younger kids helped with some of the baking and cooking.  So we were not idle! (Well, I was rather idle! LOL)  We went to Strasburg, PA one day, because my dad wanted to see the Railroad Museum there and ride the Strasburg Railroad.  Very fun field trip!  Here a few pictures - partway through the museum my camera batteries died!

Kennady "waiting" for the train

The museum had an engineer simulator in one of the engines.  There's a screen showing the virtual tracks you're to navigate and then you can work the controls.  Very fun.

The conductor was awesome, really good with the kids.  When he came to take our tickets, he asked if they'd seen The Polar Express (which of course we have - about 465 times LOL) and then he punched their first initial into their ticket stub.  At the spot end of the line, where they put the engine on the other end to take us back to the station, the conductor gave each of the children a "cash rebate" (Kennady is holding hers up in this picture) which was a penny that had been placed on the rails.  The kids each got a piece of coal to take home too.  (We're holding onto that because we'll study geology next year!)

This is Papa and the kids in front of the engine that pulled our train.
So if you're in the area, I highly recommend the Railroad Museum and the Strasburg Railroad as educational fun!

I also need to update my Homeschool Tracker to include the PhysEd activities.  Landon and Kennady are playing baseball this spring.  Both are doing well.  I'm especially pleased with how much Kennady is enjoying it.  When I first signed her up for baseball she cried and kept saying she didn't want to, but come the first practice she was excited and I don't think I've seen her at a game or practice when she wasn't smiling.  At last Saturday's game, she made THREE OUTS!!!!!!   Which I did not see, because I was working in the concession stand.   Oh well.

So for this week... I will be working on getting the grading and Homeschool Tracker up to date.  Everyone will keep working at Language Arts and Math on their own.  Harrison will have his assignment list for the week when he gets home from work today, and he will need to hustle on some things.  I have several History lessons and some Science lessons for the other kids that we are going to try and get through this week.  Hopefully today and tomorrow (since Harrison isn't here) we can get the History and Science looked after.  Also co-op class is over for the year, and this week is the last gym class, so that will free up Thursdays and Fridays for the work we need to do at home.


DanielleW said...

I have fallen off my HS Tracker wagon. LOL I still use it as a book log for all the books we read and keep track of days of school done.

What a wonderful field trip you were able to take. And it is wonderful that it was able to be done with family.

drewsfamilytx said...

Oooo...oooo...we LOVE trains!!! Not only are my boys big fans of their Thomas train set, but all books and videos-- no matter how dry, plain or dated-- they like it all!

I hope to take them to the train museum in Galveston this summer and ride the steam line from Rusk to Palestine here in TX.

Have a great weekend and a very happy Mother's Day!


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