Friday, July 13, 2007

Show & Tell - aka "Why I've Neglected my Blog"

CanadaGirl left me a comment asking for an update - well, since it's Show & Tell today (although I'm very late in getting mine done) I thought I'd "show and tell" what I've been up to.    Make sure to visit CanadaGirl's blog to see all the other Show & Tells this week, and there's no late fee if you'd like to join in!

          So the last time I blogged (not counting my late BTT this morning) was two weeks ago, June 29th.  At that time my DH and oldest DS were at Creation in Pennsylvania.  They got home that Sunday morning, July 1st, and that afternoon we hosted the young adult group from church for a pool party.  Not too much work on our part, because they didn't need supervision in the pool, and they brought their own food.  LOL  But that evening, I put DH (aka SmokeMaster) to work smoking almost 20 pounds of pork roast because we were planning for plenty of company in the days ahead.  On Monday, we brought out the first serving of that delicious pulled pork for my online friend Dini and her family.  I've met Dini a couple of times, and met up with her kids, but this time her DH and mine were in on the fun as well.  It's also the first IRL I've hosted at my home!  The kids played on the trampoline and in the pool; the younger ones all seemed to hit it off fairly nicely too.  My oldest, Harrison, was still tired from Creation (despite having slept for approximately 17 hours straight when getting home - no, I am not exaggerating) so he faded in and out.   Anyway... on to some pictures... earlier in the evening, my DH took us on a tour of the greenhouse, where I did manage to get a couple of IRL pics:

The kids are trying to figure out the soil mixing machine here, I believe.  And here they are wandering through the greenhouse itself:

Our husbands managed to find quite a bit to talk about (Dini's DH on the left, my guy is on the right):

Katy, Toria and Kennady: 

And the "official" IRL photo of Dini and myself:

On Tuesday, it was Kennady's birthday.  My baby girl is SIX YEARS OLD.  Wow.  We had company to celebrate her birthday too - serving #2 of delicious pulled pork.  Mmmmmm...  Also, that morning I had to take Harrison to have an ingrown toenail operated on.  (HOW could I have talked about the toe and the food in the same paragraph???? Yikes) So that was indeed a busy day - no time for blogging.  Wednesday was of course, Independence Day.  We celebrated by having our youth pastor (Canadian-born like us) and his wife over for the afternoon and evening.  Serving #3 of amazing pulled pork.  Did I mention that my DH can make the best pulled pork???  Then we all headed to Frederick for the fireworks.  I think you all know what those look like, in general, so I won't share my pictures.  They're not that great anyway.


Thursday morning we drove up to Ontario, Canada, to help my inlaws move.  They have sold the house they have lived in for 40+ years and have moved into my sister-in-law's house.  Well, we did most of the actual moving but whatever.  So that's what I did all day Friday and Saturday.  Here's our truck loaded up for the trip home on Sunday morning:

And the final picture of the "old home place"


We got home late Sunday evening, and had to unload the stuff from the truck so we could return it to the UHaul place.  We brought home some furniture that we HAD planned on bringing back - plus a lot of um... what's the word... JUNK that we hadn't planned on.  I told DH the truck was too big and we would regret it.  LOL  So here's what my living room looks like now:

*sigh*  And my porch looked about as bad for a couple of days.  It's cleaned up now and we have found room for all the dressers etc.  It's this "stuff" in the living room that I have to deal with, because we brought home the old pump organ, and that HAD to come inside the house, I was not about to leave it on the porch!  Maybe that will be next week's Show & Tell, the pump organ.  Hmmmm...


Not my best Show & Tell ever, but now anyone who wondered what I've been busy with is up to date!



Canadagirl said...

Oh this was FUN to read. I thought it was a great S&T. (0= Is that green house yours ? How big is it? May I ask how much land you live on ? We have 30 acres but most of it is in the ravine (sp?) The creek runs diagonal through the land so we can only use about 3-4 acers. I guess I am full of questions . I do look forward to seeing next weeks S&T. (0;

Oh btw. I haven't made the bat box ...yet. (0; To much to do and to little time.

Have a great week end my SSiC.

God Bless

In HIM<><


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

.....for updating us on the last two week's of your (busy) life!

I'm wondering how long of a drive it is from my house to yours and if there's any of that yummy pulled-pork leftover?! I love that stuff!


withHim4ever said...

Thanks for stopping by my S&T, it was nice meeting you. Oh yes, i can understand about being busy. I wonder if I should have put my blog on summer vacation ;o)

Have a lovely weekend,

MiryClay said...

Your greenhouse is awesome. Wow, you all have sure had a very busy summer. May you find rest today! ;o)



bubbebobbie said...

I dont know how I missed it. Have I ever told you I was born in Ontario Canada? Pork is so Canadian by the third pull I should have guessed! My dad has pork flowing in his veins.

How great to have an IRL! Looks like fun. What is growing in the greenhouse?

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

DanielleW said...

Yes, you definitely been busy! LOL

Isn't Dini great? I know that you've met up with her before but I think she is just so easy to meet.

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