Friday, July 27, 2007

Show & Tell - My Latest Import from Canada

Here it is, the "infamous" pump organ we brought here from my in-laws house:

Now I wish I'd taken a close-up picture, especially of the keys - which are NOT ivory!  Woo hoo!!!!! The fact that they are not made it a snap to bring this bad boy across the border. 


It's kinda pretty, isn't it?  Must admit, it annoys me when the kids go and just hold down a bunch of the keys and pump it a couple times to make that lovely airhorn type sound. LOL  But hey, maybe it will spark enough interest in the kids that we'll actually accomplish something with teaching them piano.  I still have hope for Kennady in that area.    She seems to be quite musical.


Also, see the berry bowls?  Aren't they sweet?  Those were from my Secret Sister.  There was the most delicious smelling vanilla candle in that gift too, but I kept it in the kitchen because it was in a cute little tin measuring cup.  Adorable.  But I didn't take a picture of it... mostly because then you all would see my kitchen!   Not necessarily a good thing right now.  LOL 


Although I won't "show & tell" about my kitchen, everyone is welcome to visit and participate in Show & Tell hosted by CanadaGirl 


CrossView said...

It's awesome! I love the detailing of the wood!

LOL @ the kitchen!

Canadagirl said...

It looks like it came right out of a picture in Anne of Green Gables. (0=

WHEW, I am glad you didn't have problems at the border !

LOL on the fog horn . hee hee.

God Bless my SSiC

In Him<><


Canadagirl said...

Did you see your award I gave you ??? (0=

Kinley said...

That is really nice!!


DanielleW said...

Wow! That is really nice and really old looking. I am not an organ player because it confuses me with the two keyboards...But this looks nice. And I can drive a stick so I may actually be able to play the pump. ROFL

jenn4him said...

Neat. It reminds me of the one we saw in Laura Ingalls Wilder's house in Missouri.


bubbebobbie said...

It is breath-takingly beautiful!

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

That is a really beautiful piece of furniture/musical instrument. It looks great!


SuzyScribbles said...

A pump organ--obviously vintage. It's unique, but does anyone really know how to play this instrument? They sure don't make 'em like they used to!

MyChildrenAndMe said...

I like the detail around the boarder and trimming down the sides. Woo Hoo, that's one heavy piece of equipment. It's a wonderful piece of artist work & detail.

What a great Show & Tell.

Have a great weekend,


HeartnSoul said...

WOW what a nice ornate organ. Will you teach organ music to the kids?

ThreeLittleLadies said...

It is a lovely piece.


withHim4ever said...

Beautiful work. I love antiques.

Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. Nice to meet you you!


bakerswife said...

I too hope that your daughter takes an interst in playing, as it is a marvelous piece of furniture.


Mama Karen

a.k.a. The Baker's Wife

KarenW said...

That is beautiful! My grandmother has one but without the intricate top piece you have. It's always fun for the grandkids and now the great grand kids to play. You can see my show and tell here

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