Friday, August 24, 2007

Let me just check my Schedule...

I've been working on lesson plans - which is interesting, because I actually have curricula for Science and History this year.    So lesson planning was a little different than in years past.  It consisted more of deciding how much time to spend on each lesson and how to break it up over the school year rather than deciding what I would attempt to teach.  Anyway, I think those are all worked out.  I've even got a tentative schedule ready to go - and I still have all of next week before school even starts!


Here's the basics of our schedule:

Monday - Wednesday

  • 8:30am - Bible reading and Breakfast

  • 9am - Session I 

  • 10am - Social Studies (on Monday/Wednesday) or Science (Tuesday)

  • 11am - Session II

  • 12noon - Lunch

  • 1pm-3pm  - Session III

  • 3pm-4pm - Computer Time/Afternoon Chores


  • 8:30am - Bible reading and Breakfast

  • 9am-12noon - Homework

  • 12noon - Lunch

  • 1pm - Science

  • 2pm - Session I

  • 3pm-4pm - Computer Time/Afternoon Chores


  • 8:30am - Bible reading and Breakfast

  • 9am - Session I

  • 10am - Social Studies (and/or Science)

  • 11am-11:30am - Session II

  • 11:30am - Lunch

  • Afternoon - Gym Class, Computer Time/Chores when we get back home


During the "Sessions" Harrison and Spencer will work on their own, with their Math, Language Arts, and all their assignments.  They will have deadlines on the assignments and such, but it will be their choice whether to work on Math or something else first thing in the morning, etc.  During "Session I" Landon and Kennady will be working on Math and Language Arts.  Switching off, so that one is doing Math while the other is doing Language and then vice versa.  Landon can pretty much work on his own, with just a little help, but of course Kennady needs me to actually teach most of the time.  All four kids are doing the same Social Studies course this year (Around the World in 180 Days) so some days we will all meet together for that class.  Other days Harrison and Spencer will work on their Social Studies assignments while I work with Landon and Kennady.  Harrison has his own Science course, but the other three are all doing the same, so I will have them together for that class as well.    "Session II" and "Session III" are a little more open as to what we'll work on.  Sometimes it will be completing projects from Science or Social Studies, or it may be Art or something else entirely.  For the first couple weeks (affectionately known as Boot Camp LOL) we'll just see how our time goes and what we want to add to the basics.


Next job is figuring out how to divvy up the household chores and get them done.  Shoot, we can't seem to do that when we're NOT in school, so I'm slightly nervous about the possibility that my house will deteriorate to the point that a hazmat team will have to come in on weekends.  I've got the beginnings of a plan, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the kids will at least make an attempt at cooperation.  It would also be nice if I could schedule a daily (at least weekdays!) time to exercise.  Maybe during the 11-12 slot four mornings a week?  Can I trust the little darlings to actually DO the schoolwork while I go for a walk?  Sanity may demand it, after all.


Here's what I'm excited about - I can now start entering all the assignments into my Homeschool Tracker!!!!!!!!  Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I'd start tonight, but it's kinda late... maybe I will anyway, just a couple things...


CrossView said...

LOL! Don't you just love the gung-ho feelings? =D

ROFL @ "hazmat"!

drewsfamilytx said...

Wow, great job on the schedule!

I like your idea for the sessions. I usually just tell my boys what they need to work on... Maybe I'll adopt your idea and give them a choice b/t LA and Math. They always like choices, don't they?

Hmmm... I'll have to remember to think about this tomorrow. Feel free to remind me! :-) Seriously, I have a terrible memory.

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