Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day(s) of school

Yesterday was the day we "started" school, although we only did about 45 minutes of Social Studies together.  I gave the older two boys their assignment lists for the next two weeks.  Today will be the first full day of classes.

Kennady opted to sleep late yesterday, which was fine:

(the dark-colored lump in front is the cat, in case you wonder.  LOL)  The boys slept in too, but I didn't think they'd want me taking their pictures!

So much later in the day, I took these "official" first day of school pictures.  Again, something in my subconscious told me that Harrison and Spencer wouldn't want pictures in this (or, in fact, any) style, so I skipped making little signs for them. 


CrossView said...

How sweet!

And I hate when they start getting too old for the cute stuff! *sniff*

drewsfamilytx said...

What beautiful smiles!

We do first day of school pics too... I like your sign idea... we may have to try that!

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