Friday, September 7, 2007

Show & Tell - Brantford Cordage

I took pictures of an old calendar that we brought back from my ILs place, just as an example of what a small world we live in sometimes.


I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and my grandparents and a large number of my aunts and uncles etc live in Manitoba.  My DH grew up in Brantford, Ontario, and his extended family is all in that area as well.  We met while at college in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I have two aunts that live there and I lived with them for a large part of that college year.  So that's all background...  several years ago when visiting my aunts, we noticed an old calendar (and by old, I mean the year 1943) they had displayed.  They had found it among either my Grandpa's things, or his brother's - I can't remember which - and liked the picture on it, which is reminiscent of Norman Rockwell's subjects.  DH commented on it, because it was a manufacturer's advertising calendar from Brantford Cordage in his hometown, and some of his relatives had worked there.  Naturally, the aunts gave us the calendar, and on our next visit to Brantford, we gave it to FIL who framed it and hung it in the dining room.  There it stayed for many years, until this summer when the ILs moved, and they gave the calendar back to us.  It's just kind of a neat thing to have anyway, plus the coincidence that my family had this little piece of my DH's hometown sitting around. 


Now... the pictures didn't turn out all that great, mostly because of the reflection of the glass on the frame, but here goes:


I guess maybe it's not THAT weird that my Manitoba farming family would have an advertising calendar from this company - it does say right on it that they are "The Largest Exclusive Manufacturers of Binding Twine in the World"  Wonder how many companies made binding twine at that time? 


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andijeane said...

That is so interesting! I've really been enjoying your blog posts.


Canadagirl said...

I love how God has little connections of our lives with others before we even know them. [0= I LOVE Norman Rockwell drawings so to have that kind of style is such a treat.

God Bless my SSiC

In Him<><


Anonymous said...

Very neat! I

Have a wonderful Show & Tell Friday!


BChsMamaof3 said...

That is so neat. I love old advertising calendars : ) Thanks for sharing with us!



withHim4ever said...

Very neat story. I love things like this, specially when it's passed down from one generation to the other.

Blessings on your weekend :)

bakerswife said...

It's a priceless heirloom! 1943, just 5 years before I was born, is WWII and the year my mom and dad were married. Good year!

Blessings to you, Mama K

socalval said...

That's an awesome calendar. I love old treasures. Great show and tell.

Have a great Friday!


Keri said...

Very neat story!

Haflingerhorses said...

What a great keepsake. I love that calender!

Great show and tell.


jenn4him said...

That is very interesting. The story behind it is what makes these old neat things, neater.


bethanyrae said...

I really like your calendar. Both the story, and the look of it!


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