Monday, October 1, 2007

Science Rocks, Part 2

(Shocking - two entries on the same day!!!! And I might even get another one done today PLUS finish up the two I've started and are still drafts! )

The next type of rock we studied was sedimentary.  Sedimentary rock is formed when layers of mud, sand, silt and other sediment settle and harden.  I didn't want to take the time to make our own "sandstone" since we did that a couple years ago - and I didn't have sand handy anyway.  But we did try this to see how different materials tend to settle out in layers.  It didn't work GREAT, but we got the idea. 

We mixed together granulated sugar, coarse colored sugar, and candy bits, then poured them through a narrow funnel into a glass jar.  They did tend to settle a little bit, and when we gently shook or tapped the jar we could see the layers settle out even more.

And the finished product is in the baking supply cupboard now, waiting to be used on ice cream sundaes and other desserts! 


CrossView said...

You have the most delicious science projects! =D

LindaI said...

I totally forgot about my science and the bible books!

What age do you think is good to start them? My dad has them right now because I let him use them for his messages if he wants to do any thing like that as an illistration.

I think I need to get them back.

You are the coolest homeschool mom! Can you come teach my kids science?

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