Monday, October 1, 2007

Science Rocks, Part 3

Third and final entry for this series, but I have more I need to post in order to get current with the blog. 

The third type of rock is metamorphic, which is rock that has been changed by heat, pressure, and time.  We discussed the effects of heat, pressure, and time on snow or shaved ice, and even though we didn't have the ice itself to work with, the kids had a pretty good memory of what they could do with snow.  Then we did this fun activity to get a little idea of how marble is formed.  We unwrapped some Laffy Taffy and put a stack of them in different colors between wax paper and then applied heat and pressure for a short amount of time:

Here's the finished product - a lump of "marbled" taffy!

Wish I'd learned geology this way when I was in school...


CrossView said...

Laffy Taffy! Cool!

I'm with you, I wish I'd studied geology that way, too!

short said...

I have been a bad blog friend and haven't visited your blog in ages (or anyone else's, I've just been sooo busy) but it was good to come back and visit and see what you have been up to. I also wish I had learned this way!

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