Saturday, January 19, 2008

Show & Tell {More Random Stuff}

I'm late in getting my Show & Tell up this week - I just ran out of time yesterday!  We've had a busy week,  trying to get a school routine re-established, and having mixed success.  On Thursday, I took Landon and Kennady to see a TheatreWorks USA presentation of "Charlotte's Web"  What fun!! That was one of my all-time favorite stories when I was a kid, and the play was very well done.  I did take a picture of the set:

We were seated very low in the front - second row - but right in the center.  They didn't tell us we couldn't take pictures during the performance, but I didn't think it would be a good idea.  Besides, I've heard the Disney speech so many times, you know the one..."for the safety of our performers, please refrain from flash photography during the presentation"  LOL 


By the time we left the auditorium, the snow had begun - at long last we are receiving snow! We stopped at Pizza Hut to use some "Book-It" rewards and then headed home.  I have yet to grade the work that Spencer and Harrison did (supposedly) while the rest of us were gone all day, but I have been assured that they did do some schoolwork.  However, our ISP was down all day Thursday, so they couldn't do the research I'd assigned, and I couldn't get on my message boards, my email, my blog, or even photobucket!!!  Oh the horror!    I did grab a very quick picture of our front porch in the snow - looking more festive now than it did at Christmas!


And that reminds me... I've been meaning to share this on a Show & Tell for awhile, but it was notoriously difficult to get clear enough pictures.  I've finally decided that the ones I have will just have to do.  Way back in the spring, we noticed a new structure being erected on our (homeschooling) friend's farm.  I asked her what it was and was told that her DH had decided to construct a gigantic swingset.  There's much more to that story, but at any rate, they now have what I call the "world's largest swingset" in front of their house.  It took until December before I actually thought to take a picture.  It's not a great shot, but here is the swingset:

It is indeed as tall as the house - two stories!  One night, beginning of December, we drove by and my DH commented that they should put some lights on it and turn it into the world's largest Christmas tree or something like that.  Well, not a week later, I drove by and found that they had turned it into the world's largest reindeer!!!


Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. 


It's a great honor to live so near this famous landmark!


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blessedwith2angels said...

That is a very large swingset. I loved seeing it designed as Rudolph. It sounds like you had a really fun week, except for the ISP being down. I love Charlotte's Web and would love to see a production of it someday.

Have a wonderful week and stay warm!


Sandpiper said...

The swing set looks like alot of fun(and maybe a bit scary!). And I love the reindeer!!

CrossView said...

We're *trying* to get back into a routine, too. Well, I am anyway...

The play sounds great. I wish we had something like that in our area....

Your porch looks quite festive.

And the swingset deer is oh so creative. LOL!

jacstew said...

Love the reindeer and the house they live in! I adore old houses ( ours is close to 100 yrs old).

We love going to plays also! We have a little theatre across the river and they performed "Little House Christmas" this past Dec. Very fun and wonderfully small so every seat is great!

I too am usually late with my S&T. LOL

Take care, enjoy the snow,

Blessings from the very chilly little farm,


bakerswife said...

Your neighbor's swing set is amazing! I cannot imagine swinging on it...(lol) Makes a great reindeer.

Mama Karen

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