Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wonders Never Cease...

Late afternoon/early evening on Monday, I noted to Harrison that the forecast for Tuesday was another warm sunny day, and that he might want to consider getting his photography shooting assignments done.  After all, who knows when there will be another opportunity?

Still, imagine my surprise when I realized that he was actually outside taking the assigned pictures BEFORE LUNCH!!!!  After taking all the required pictures, I told him he could shoot up the rest of that film, and then load the camera with film for the next assignment.  Later I had a couple quick errands to run and when I came home, he was sitting out on the front porch with the camera, hoping for a car to drive by so he could try and get a stop-action picture.  Now you have to understand that we live out in the boondocks and traffic on this road is scarce, basically just the people that live here going to and from work and the mail delivery.  So I had to drive by a couple times so he could take pictures of the van.  LOL

I think now that he is finally over the hurdle of "getting started" he is really enjoying this.  He asked me if we were going to buy the camera (it is borrowed from a homeschooling friend of mine, and we may have the option to buy it), and also stated that he planned to take it to the hockey game on Saturday night and try to take some pictures there.  I didn't point out that they are planning on sitting in the upper level at the arena, I just figure if he wants to develop some photography skills... well, hey - have at it!!!


CrossView said...

I just love it when there's a new discovery and they actually start to enjoy it! LOL!

Always makes me wonder just what they will be when they grow up. SO many interests now and soon to be.... =D

drewsfamilytx said...

Oh how fun!

My boys love photography and have been begging for their own camera. I just wish they were taller-- I don't look very good looking <i>down</i> at the camera all the time-- talk about a double chin!!!

LOL about you driving the van back and forth. I can SO picture that in my mind!

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