Friday, February 29, 2008

Show & Tell {Coca-Cola Decor}

I cannot remember if I have already done this for Show & Tell - if I have, it was quite long time ago.  In any case, I know I've mentioned our love for Coca-Cola and that we are collectors of all things Coca-Cola so if I haven't shown any pictures of our vollection, I should have!  DH and I have been collecting Coke memorabilia since before we were married and have done some of our home decorating with our collection.  This is some of our collection that is displayed in our dining room:


I even have an American Idol/Coca-Cola directors chair!  I'm very proud of this one, because it was a mail-in offer and cost me only the price of a stamp!

When we moved into this house, the checked wallpaper was already up in the dining room and kitchen, so I just replaced the border at the top with a vintage Coca-Cola girl border.  I was so delighted that I didn't have to try and live with a green or blue kitchen/dining room that "clashed" with my Coca-Cola reds!  That worked out exceptionally well for me.


Now that I've started, I'll have a fall-back on Show & Tell days and can show more of the collection and some close-ups of certain things we have. 


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blessedwith2angels said...

That is a neat collection. We have a set of polar bear coke ornaments that are really cute. The kids love them.


CrossView said...

What a pretty display and I don't even like Coke! =D

short said...

I had an urge to send you an empty coca-cola can from our country.... I wonder how I could do that so that it wouldn't be damaged...... hmmmmm

DaddysCHicks said...

I'm in Atlanta the home of Coke. . . when I used to work for Cracker Barrell we had a Coke section in the gift shop. Great pictures and thanks for sharing.


jenn4him said...

I love the chair!


blessinghill said...

I love it! What a neat collection. I love the red-checked wallpaper, it was meant to be for you and your collection because it goes so perfectly together.

SuzyScribbles said...

Yes, you have, but why not show it again when it is SUCH a delightful collection and a joy to the eyes! I don't mind at all seeing it again! LOL

bubbebobbie said...

We went to the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta Ga and took our pictures with a PEPSI can. We are such rebels. We had to walk SIX Altlanta Blocks to find that PEPSI! It was so worth it!

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

whirlwind said...

How wonderful that the wallpaper worked out so well for your collection. =D

kympossible said...

how sorely tempted I am to edit the "P" word from Bobbie's comment above! ROFLOL I don't normally allow that kind of language on this blog! ;~)

But you made me laugh, so it will stay.

For now...



bakerswife said...

Great collection!

Blessings from Indy,

Mama Karen

MrsIncredible said...

What a nice collection! I teach modern American history at our Co-Op, and one of my kids did a history of Coca Cola project last semester... it was great, and I know she would love your Coke collection! Is there any special reason why you got started collecting Coke stuff? I would love to know the story!



ThreeLittleLadies said...

I look forward to seeing more. That wallpaper seems to fit perfectly. I would have thought that you designed it yourself.


Sandpiper said...

Wow! My dh collects Coke products too, although he has slowed down in recent years. I even bought him the bathroom set from Wal-Mart!

Canadagirl said...

Neat ! And that is soooo cool that the beginings of your decor was already started for you. [0; I am looking forward to some close ups my SSiC.

Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC<><

BookwormMN said...


That's alot of Coca - Cola stuff! I like your chair!

Thanks for the comment!!

God Bless,


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