Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogger Friend School Assignment #18 {Dreams...}

Our assignment:  I thought this week we could write something fun or just take a look back at our lives and what we wanted to do when we were so young!  It'll be fun to read about what everyone thought they would be doing when they were young...did you ever think you'd be homeschooling?  Add a verse to go with your assignment too please.

I only remember a couple of things that I really wanted to do "when I grew up" and I sort of have done them too!! Not exactly the way I'd dreamed of when I was a little girl, but I like the way those dreams have worked out just fine!  My great ambition when I was in grade school was to be a teacher!  How funny!! One of my very good friends, Christine, wanted to be a teacher too, and we spent many of our play hours having "classrooms" and taking turns being the teacher.  I was actually quite jealous because Christine had a large playroom at her house, and a real wall-mounted chalkboard so her "classroom" was much nicer than mine.  At my house we rigged up an easel and newsprint to function as the chalkboard and it wasn't half as nice.  LOL  I haven't been in touch with Christine in many years, but I did hear that she had realized her dream and was teaching in the school system.  God allowed me to fulfill my dream by leading us to homeschooling.  My other dreams revolved around music.  I wanted to be a singer, or play with an orchestra or a band, and later on I wanted to be a minister of music at a church.  When I did go to college (where I did only one year before heading back into the work force) it was with the plan of getting a "new" degree that university offered that was a combination of Music and Education.  What I wanted to do was teach high school choral and band.  Reality - I didn't complete that degree but I have been a paid musician at two different churches, and I have been involved in leading worship and church music at some level since I was a teenager.  I don't have a title or a salary, but in many ways God has allowed me to fulfill those dreams as well. 


Did I ever think I'd be homeschooling?? No, I didn't.  I had never heard of such a thing happening in the modern world until I was a newlywed.  A family started attending our church that homeschooled their two daughters and that was my first exposure to it.  By the time we were expecting our first child, we had decided that educating our own at home was the direction God was taking us, and there has never been any turning back from that time!  (although on the hard days, I sometimes notice the yellow bus drive by our road and sigh.  LOL)


Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

~Psalm 37:4

Thanks for a fun assignment, Nancy!!!  To participate, or to see all the Blogger Friend School assignments for this week, visit The Kings Kreation


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I'm glad to see that you're fulfilling your dreams too~ it's kinda neat to see how you do meet your dreams, even if it's not exactly the way you originally imagined or intended.


andijeane said...

I think it's wonderful how God has tailored the desires of your heart to fit your life! Thanks for sharing!



CrossView said...

This post just makes me smile! =D

I love how God does things! I just love it!

momofmhasr said...

I am having a blast reading all of these, what fun it is remember our dreams.

bethanyrae said...

Too funny. She had the chalkboard then and now! Do you have one yet? (We did for a little while...then got rid of it!)

What do you do for music? I never visualized myself not doing something with it, but then I graduated having always used school instruments. This fall, I finally got to start playing again....after over 30 years!


mamasmurf said...

Glad to see that God has lead you to fulfil your dreams!

I never thought about homeschooling either - until my son was so unhappy in the school system and I just kept hearing this little voice saying, "You can do better for him!"

Have a blessed week,


pottershand said...

I never would have pictured myself homeschooling either. But I sure am glad God opened my eyes to it!

andijeane said...

What a great idea to build your science curriculum around the book! I flipped through the book yesterday and was pretty impressed with the amount of science it covers. I would be interested in seeing what you are doing. Are you planning on blogging about it?


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