Friday, March 7, 2008

Show & Tell {Littles Grocery}

I'm trying to be quick about getting my Show & Tell posted this morning, so it will be short!

This is a framed print we have in our living room:


Years ago, when we still lived in Calgary, DH had a friend named Ian who had this picture in his house.  We admired it, because it had the Coke signs featured, and when Ian was getting ready to move, he gave it to us.  Unfortunately we know very little about the picture - where this store is located, or even who the artist is.  Ian thought that it was one of a series of pictures of small-town Canadian stores, but we haven't tracked down anything to substantiate it.  The scenery reminds us of any number of locations that we've been to in several provinces, and there is nothing other than the name of the store - Little's - to help us narrow it down.  So we gave up, and just enjoy the picture for its Coca-Cola-ness and what we presume is its Canadian-ness.

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blessinghill said...

Your pictures is beautiful, and does remind me of Canada. Hope you're able to eventually find out the history.

SuzyScribbles said...

That is really a beautiful picture. And I, too, would be dying to know the history behind it.

blessedwith2angels said...

That is a pretty picture. Hopefully you can find out the history soon.


bubbebobbie said...

That really does make Coca-cola feel Frosty doesn't it? Now to get that little bottle out of that silly coke dispenser that I am certain is inside that store.

because of Jesus, Bobbie

Stef said...

That would fit right in on our walls. My dad once said, "All your pictures are of old houses and barns!" :-)

bakerswife said...

It's Great! You are blessed that your friend gave it to you.

Blessings from Indiana,

Mama Karen

bethanyrae said...

What a blessing that your friend thought to give that to you.


job19v25 said...

Lovely picture.


hsfamily said...

Whoever drew the picture did a really good job. Hope you have a great weekend!


Dot said...

I can see why you liked the picture, it is pretty

Keri said...

That's a nice picture!

Although it could seem lonely and cold the Coca-Cola gives it friendly familiarity.

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