Friday, April 18, 2008

Show & Tell {My Weird Kids}

It's Show & Tell Friday again, with CanadaGirl as our host.  Click over to her blog to participate and to see what others are sharing today.


My Show & Tell today is rather silly.  I had these pictures from awhile back and thought they were very funny but didn't have opportunity to share them on my blog.  For your entertainment and amusement, I offer my kids' version of sumo wrestling. 


Spencer, Landon, and Kennady came up with this idea - I do not know how, I just heard them having a good time on the trampoline and went to see what they were up to.  They stuffed pillows into their clothing and then went and jumped on the trampoline, bouncing against each other's padded bellies especially.  I had them come onto the deck so I could get some pictures.


In this one, you can kind of see Landon and Spencer having at it in the background.

Let the games begin!!

And check out Kennady's saddlebags!!! They have a couple of small neck pillows, the kind shaped like a "C" - and Landon and KEnnady put those inside their pants to pad their bottoms! LOL

(I do not know how I managed to cut Landon out of that picture.)

And because I don't want to leave Harrison out, because he is at least as weird as the rest of this family, here is a recent picture of him.  He's wearing a Burger King crown, but can't go without his ball cap on:

Hope you've enjoyed this very silly Show & Tell!!




blessedwith2angels said...

And I thought my kids were the only weird ones. lol. It's great that they are having fun together like that.


floridasunsets said...

Who needs television when we've got such fun kids!?


sahmto4orMore said...

Looks like fun.

Have a good weekend,


SuzyScribbles said...

Oh, yeah. Weird-Os all the way. But creative weird-os. I understand their pillow idea, as I stuffed a pillow under my camo jacket when I went paint-balling with my teen sons. Ouch! Those babies hurt when they hit--especially in sensitive chest areas!

Great pics...

MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

I loved your show and tell! I get the funniest blog fodder with my kids, but I almost never have my camera. Or, if I do get it with my phone, I haven't figured out how to get them to my computer from there. :'P

Your kids are great!

Canadagirl said...

This was a good giggle !!!

I really started to giggle with the saddle bags. ROTFL !!!

I should try to post a S&T of my wierd kids. That would be a fun all over S&T post. hee he

You might have to be looking for MORE wierdness in your house. [0;

Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC

In Him<><


Haflingerhorses said...

If only we could all be so silly and have a good time!


Ellen said...

I've started a new homeschool meme for Mondays and I thought that you might be interested. If you want to participate, just write a post about a highlight from your past week of home learning. Then, come to my blog and sign Mr. Linky.

CrossView said...

ROFL! I love it! =D

bethanyrae said...

Love the weird kid shots. I have so many of those in my camera. But these are GREAT!


Keri said...

That's funny!

My kids stuff themselves with pillows too!

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