Friday, August 29, 2008

Show & Tell {Honduras - Harrison's pictures - Part Four}

For Show & Tell with CanadaGirl this week, I'm going to jump ahead in my journal about Honduras to show some pictures Harrison took one day.

That great view from our dorms included a rocky hill above the nearby school, and we could see the schoolkids climbing on it during their recess and lunch breaks.  Several of the guys commented that they wanted to climb that mountain before the week was over.  One day, Harrison and Derek did just that, along with four of the Honduran boys as their "tour guides"  Harrison and Derek knew almost no Spanish, and the Honduran boys knew a little English, but they all got along great anyway.  When Harrison told me where they were going, I gave him the camera and told him to take as many pictures as he wanted... 'just don't drop the camera and break it!"  

Here's the hill:

They found these carvings in the rocks.  They were done fairly recently, although no one seems to know much about them.  We suspected that the locals like to take gringos up to show them the "ancient rock carvings"  LOL

Here's Derek with the local boys:

And Harrison with the boys:

See the "bunny ears?"  What is up with that?  Kids EVERYWHERE do this for some reason.  It is totally universal.  LOL  I bet if you could find a remote tribe somewhere that had never even seen a camera before, it wouldn't take them long before the kids would start doing bunny ears to their friends.  LOL

And by the way, I have to say how much I am LOVING the slideshow feature at Photobucket!  Thank you, Mary, for telling me how to use it on my blog!  It's really come in handy for these Honduras entries - of which I have several more to come and I bet even next week's Show & Tell will be Honduras pictures too.

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Stef said...

Maybe we can use Bunny Ears to promote world peace! Haha!

solidrock said...

Very cool!

My 17 yo made his second trip to Guatemala this summer. Looks very similar.

Love bunny ears! I think we have a few like that from Guatemala too!

CelticMom said...

Wow, Kym, it looks like your trip to Honduras was an unqualified success! I love the pictures; thanks for sharing them. It's difficult to picture a place until you see a, well, picture, lol!

Your boys are so handsome, and looking like they are having a ball; what a great experience for them!

Have a lovely weekend,


Canadagirl said...

Hee he I am sure the bunny ears IS universal. LOL

I am just LOVING you trips pic's. And I am very glad I was of help. It makes showing pics easier !

Sending you HUGE ((HUG)) my SSiC

In HIm<><


bubbebobbie said...

Oh I love the bunny ears being international! How great! And the rock carving that looks like it was done with a dremel...that is Hysterical.

What a blessing!

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

blessedwith2angels said...

The bunny ears are to funny! I can imagine the locals saying to themselves, "Watch as we trick them with these ancient carvings." lol

What an exciting trip!


mamakaren said...

What an experience (and I love your photos, too)! How wonderful that you all were able to take this trip.

Living by Faith,

Mama Karen

4sweetums said...

What an amazing trip. I love the photos.



Prncsstefy said...

I have finally had a chance to view all of your Honduras photos. All I can say is...Wow!

kimalita said...

It's so green!!! Looks beautiful.

That is too funny that the bunny ears is known everywhere --- I have pics of myself doing that as a child.

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