Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs {Homeschool Routines}


I hope last week’s theme helped you get a bigger view and maybe some ideas about different ways to homeschool or curriculum. There is so much to share and so I hope this helped, especially the new homeschoolers, narrow things down a bit. I am sure some of you are still getting into your homeschool routines. I know some people are very routine oriented while others may be more “day-by-day”, and it all depends on your family and what works best for your life-style. This week please post what your planned homeschool routine is. When you’re done posting your routines please share your prayers for this school year. 

Routines... there was a time when I didn't much care for "routines" - or so I thought.  I had routines, but not schedules.  There is a difference, at least in my mind.  Anyway, I've learned that in order to get anything accomplished, and to keep some semblance of order with a couple of my routine-dependent kids, I need to have some kind of framework to hang the daily plans on.  It is a very flexible framework, but its a starting point for us and helps everyone know what's coming next.  Along with my (now infamous) presentation of "The Rules" at the beginning of the school year, I post "The Schedules" which look something like this for 2008-2009:

Full Day School 

8:30am – Chore Draw and Reading/Music

9:00 – History or Science

10:00 Math or Language Arts

11:00 Science or History


1:00 Language Arts or Math

2:00 Electives/Homework or Entertainment*

3:00 Chores

Afternoon School 

8:30am – Chore Draw and Reading/Music if time allows

9:00 – 12:00 School on your own


1:00 Science or History

2:00 Electives/Homework or Entertainment*

3:00  Chores

Morning School 

8:30am – Chore Draw and Reading/Music

9:00 Math or Language Arts

10:00 Math or Language Arts

11:00  Science or Electives/Homework


1:00 Gym Class or school on your own

When we get home: Chores

Here's how its supposed to work... I get up when DH gets up for work, so between 7am and 8:30am, that is my time to have my coffee and hopefully no interruptions from kids.  8:30 is when the school day officially starts, with the chores being assigned, and the younger kids get a chapter or two of the current read-aloud book at that time.  For the most part I allow the kids to decide their own schedule during most of the day.  But since Spelling, History, and Science are taught in a group (at least for the younger three), I have put those subjects on the schedule for specific time slots.  Usually we will do Science two days a week and History three days, but that's not written in stone.  (nothing in our routine is written in stone!)  Most often Wednesdays are "Afternoon School" days, as I have another commitment most weeks.  And Fridays are "Morning School" Days, because we go to a gym co-op in the afternoon. 


My prayer for this school year is that we would all be diligent and honor God by working hard at our studies.  Completing tasks and staying on course is hard for me, yet I must set the example if I expect my children to learn these values.



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