Thursday, September 4, 2008

Honduras - Working Hard {Part Five}

When morning VBS ended on Monday, I decided to walk with Bonnie, Danielle, and Laura (an American missionary married to a Guatamalan missionary, living in La Esperanza) to the pulperia (corner store) across the road to buy sodas for everyone.  I had to get a picture of this sign too:

Danielle even offered to pose:

hahahaha!!! Bimbo is a brand name for a bread.  We saw Bimbo trucks at times too.  So funny.

After lunch on Monday, we got to work on some of projects around the buildings and grounds.  Some of the men had already started work on roof repairs. 

The roof on the dorm building needed to be painted so the teens got started on that.

This was a big job, and they didn't have large paintbrushes or rollers to work with, so they just did their best.  It was fun to watch!

Bonnie and I got started on "reupholstering" the church's chairs.  They have a large quantity of chairs like this:

There were a couple dozen more chairs that had the seats attached, but not the backs, and whoever had been working on them hadn't finished the job.  So we went to work!

(I bet if DH knew how much I enjoyed using the power screwdriver, he would run right out and buy one.  LOL)

The pictures are kind of dark.  The lighting was odd in this room.

This turned out to be a three-day project, since we only worked on it in the afternoon - the morning being taken up with VBS.  One day we even got a little help (and I use the term loosely) from Harrison and Eric.

They got a little crazy with the staple gun.

We worked faster without their help, I think.  LOL  here's the chairs, almost finished!

It felt so good to be able to complete that task that had been on hold for awhile.  One day it was raining pretty hard, so the teens came inside and painted a couple of bunk bed frames that had been sitting and waiting for a coat of paint.

I don't know what exactly they were working on up near the house, but Harrison put in some sweat equity there as well (something to do with the plumbing but I can't remember what)

Everyone had to take a turn washing dishes after dinner.  Just as proof that Eric, Harrison, and Bridget took their turn:

One other project that the guys worked on was framing a roof on a pastor's house.  On our way out of town on Saturday morning, we stopped by so we could all see what they'd accomplished and take a picture of them.  (Harrison is in the wite shirt)

We all had lots of fun on this trip, but we did work pretty hard too!


kimalita said...

You guys truly worked hard! What a blessing you all are.

MOMflippedisWOW said...

What a wonderful time you had! Thank you so much for sharing! You are much braver then me. I think that zip line would have been where I stopped.



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