Saturday, November 29, 2008

More from the Florida Keys

Our next Keys stop was at the Bahia Honda State Park. 

Looks like they just realized those stairs don't really go anywhere.  LOL

There was a butterfly garden there that we walked through briefly, and of course Miss Take My Picture had to pose:

We did see butterflies too, but like the alligators at Everglades - you can see them, but you can't take their pictures.  At least not with my camera.

Further on, we found out that there is the remains of the old bridge that has been fixed up so you can walk out and enjoy the view.  I didn't know before that day that the old highway had actually been built on what was left of the railroad.  A man named Henry Flagler had built a railroad through the Keys in the early 1900s that was a real going concern until parts of it were damaged by a hurricane.  They used what was left as the basis for the first highway. 

And when they built the new highway, they left parts of the old bridges standing.  I guess... what are going to do with it out there, right?  So from the end of the pedestrian-modified section of bridge, we could see the old one:

(and I think I've mentioned how I feel about bridges...)  More pleasant views from the bridge (is it a bridge, if it doesn't go anywhere?):

Flagler's Railroad:

Look what was UNDER the bridge! An iguana!

Then it was off to Key West - we had to get there in time for the sunset!  In town, I felt obligated to take at least a couple of pictures of the historic homes.

We made it to the Southernmost point in the continental US - just 90 miles to Cuba - just in time for the sunset (which wasn't as dramatic as I'd hoped, but still very pretty).

And then I played a little with the photo and thought this effect looked cool:

A block away from that mile marker, we found a pier that was far less crowded and got some pictures there.

Noticed the moon in the background...

... and thought that this might make a good spot for a family picture or two.

That last one - cropped a little - will be our Christmas card picture.  So - Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to Florida so I got a sort of view through your eyes. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog


jenn4him said...

I love The Keys! We have not been since my oldest was a baby though. I still remember it well. Being someplace warm right now would be wonderful. How is your weather this time of the year?


PlainJane said...

Very funny - good question about the bridge. Yes we have pictures at the Southern Most Point - we had to pay a guy to take our picture (I'm just glad he didn't run off with our camara - lol). Did everybody clap at the sunset or did you get there too late. Usually there is a guy there with has trick cats and then after his show is the sunset and every one does golf claps ( you know, the polite sophisticated clapping at golf tournaments). Sigh - I want to go back - NOW. I have the webcam to Key West bookmarked an visit there often - it's a kind of torture I like to place on myself. lol

You want to hear something funny, I have been reading your blog address wrong all along (up until my last visit) - I always read it as "Mom is Flipped WOW". lol I have had it backwards all this time. ROFL

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