Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Covering the Past Two Weeks

We have been doing a little bit of "summer school" - tying up the loose ends of the 09-10 school year while I work a bit at a time on preparing for 10-11.  Each of the kids has some Language Arts/English to finish up, and the older boys are also completing some Art projects.  For several years we have been following a modified year-round school schedule, which is great for being relaxed and spontaneous with the deadlines, but turns out it's not so great when it comes to final grades for high school.  So... I'm planning on - and mentally preparing everyone for - following the traditional school schedule as much as possible from now on!

I think I have all our schoolbooks ready to go for next year, and I have some lesson plans entered in the Homeschool Tracker already too.  So far I haven't boxed up and moved the schoolbooks we're finished with, so for now the new things are in a box in my bedroom until the bookshelf has been purged. ;-)

Two weeks ago was a long weekend, and we visited family for a few days, celebrating Kennady's birthday while there.

Then on the 4th, we went to Niagara Falls where we spent the day, watched fireworks in the evening, and spent the night before heading home on Monday.

As a special treat, we were able to enjoy Tim Hortons coffee every day while in Canada! :-)

Here at home, in addition to plugging away at those few unfinished school projects, we are participating in the library's summer reading program (well, Landon and Kennady are), and this week that afforded Kennady the opportunity to attend a junior gardeners workshop and do some flower arranging.   (More details)

On Friday mornings, I've been attending a Homeschool Moms Bible Study group, and we've been working our way through Susan Kemmerer's Homeschool Supermom - Not! while our kids enjoy the playground.

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wdworkman said...

Your Niagra photos are beautiful. Have fun with your 10-11 planning. I have to admit - I enjoy the planning as much as the teaching.

Janet W

kympossible said...

Thanks for visiting! Oh I know what you mean about loving the planning! I enjoy it so much, but I always overestimate what we'll really be able to achieve. ;-)

Annie Kate said...

Thanks for the friendship request.

We recognized the Canadian side of the Falls and at first we thought you might be Canadian as well! Then I realized you had just hopped over the border.

But that's OK. LOL

Looking forward to a name for your blog.

Annie Kate

kympossible said...

Actually, we are Canadian! My DH and I, and our oldest son are all Canadian. We moved to the USA in 1993. My DH's family are in southern Ontario so we drive through Niagara Falls on visits home.

I'm getting used to the temporary title for the blog. Maybe I'll just leave it the way it is! LOL

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