Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: What I Wanted to Post Last Week

Last week I didn't do a weekly wrap-up post because my computer was being cleaned and de-bugged.  Apparently the posts last week focused on the homeschool curricula we planned to use for the upcoming school year.  Lacking anything else of possible interest to "wrap up" I will list our curriculum choices in this week's post.

I will have only three homeschooled students for this coming year, and fortunately we are able to use resources we already owned for most things!

Spencer, Grade 10

  • English - Alpha Omega LifePac English 10 -  We used Switched-On-Schoolhouse for English 9, and I have decided to go back to the workbook versions.  Just a much better fit for us.

  • Math - Saxon Algebra 1 - completing Algebra 1 over three semesters, he started in second semester last year.

  • History/World Lit/Bible - Exploring World History from Notgrass - I love the Notgrass history for high school level, so easy to use and to adapt, and worth three full credits!  When Harrison used this (and also the American history text from Notgrass) we chose about half of the novels on the reading list and I awarded a half-credit for Literature.  I plan on doing the same for Spencer.

  • Science - Biology: God's Living Creation from ABeka - this is another course that we decided to do over two school years rather than complete it in one, so he will be finishing it this coming year.

  • Electives - Probably Spanish (Switched-On-Schoolhouse) and an Art/Technology credit.  I have a Graphic Design text and a Technical Drawing text, but we haven't decided which he would prefer to do first, but I think we will do both.  I also have a Music History/Appreciation course that would be great to do with all three kids, but that would also require me to stick to a schedule and structure in order to get it done.  So I am still thinking about whether that will work for this year or not.

Landon, Grade 6

  • Language Arts - Alpha Omega LifePacs Language 6 - we started LifePacs for Language Arts at Grade 3 and it's worked well for us, and I already have the Teacher's editions, so I'm sure we'll stick with this for several more years!  As supplements, we will also use Caution: Writing in this Book Might be Fun! (for boys) and Research in Increments.

  • Math - Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics F - another publisher that I am sticking with, since it's been a good fit for us and I already own Teacher's editions. :-)

  • Social Studies/Art - Around the World in 180 Days and Geography Through Art and History Through Art - we used ATW a couple of years ago and I found it very flexible and with plenty of options.  Since we just spent two years studying American history, I am going to go around the world in 360 days rather than 180, however. ;-)  We will study Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania this coming year and save the Americas for the following year.  We'll follow the ATW text and add in as many art activities as we can from GTA and HTA.  I'm also going to encourage trying foods from various countries and cultures, as we have the Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students

  • Science - Properties of Atoms and Molecules and Properties of Matter from God's Design - It may be ambitious to complete two of these books in one year, but we have done it before so I'm hoping to manage it with this set. 

  • Electives - Landon has finished Switched-On-Schoolhouse Elementary Spanish but isn't ready for Secondary Spanish so I'm not sure what we'll do this year.  Obviously he can't take a year or two off from studying any Spanish, but I am not willing to invest in other curricula in the meantime, so we will figure something out using website resources and other things we already have, as well as using SOS Elementary Spanish for review.  Also under consideration is the Music Appreciation/History course I already mentioned, and some introductory isometric drawing books I have.

Kennady, Grade 4

  • Language Arts - Alpha Omega Lifepacs Language Arts 4

  • Math - Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics C (and maybe D as well, if she moves through the Grade 3 book quickly enough - she has been struggling with Math so we took extra time with the Grade 2 book)

  • Social Studies/Art - same as Landon

  • Science - same as Landon

  • Electives - Kennady also did SOS Elementary Spanish this past year, but she will do it all over again this year.  Possibly the Music Appreciation/History course.  And we will do Lessons in Responsibility for Girls (Home Ec) - and I suspect I may learn a little bit about responsibility in the home ec department myself!

Sorry, no pictures this week!  We are getting ready to go on vacation so I'm going to post and run!

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Prnsstefy said...

Looks like another good year. You're so clever. I'm with you on sticking with a schedule. I'd like to but Kayleigh doesn't often allow it. I have grand plans for music/art this year and I'll estatic if the rugrat will allow us to accomplish 1/3 of what I have in mind.

Is the fact that I have to log into my unused HSB account on purpose on your end or is it some new glitch with their "improvements." It took me forever to remember my password so I could comment. is my real blog now. LOL

kympossible said...

Stef, I thought I had the comments set up on here so anyone could comment, but maybe not. I will check it. I'm pretty sure I have your real blog bookmarked.

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