Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: In Which There are No School-related Pictures

Homeschool:  We had a pretty good week, and I am gaining confidence that Landon and Kennady will finish their school year on time or ahead of schedule! Hooray!  Spencer needs to pick up the pace, but I can understand his reluctance to spend the extra time with algebraic equations and English language etymology that it would take to get back on track.  I guess with English we just have to keep hoping that the next unit will be 'better' than this one.  Also, he totally focused on getting the Shakespeare selection read this week, to the point of neglecting other subjects a bit.

We wrapped up our study of Australia, and got started in Asia this week.  I was terribly annoyed to find that one of the pages in my blackline map book is missing, the one with southwestern Asia, so I had to hunt down a suitable printable map of that area online.  Which was WAY harder than it should have been, by the way.  We also had to delay even getting started with the maps - or anything besides Math and Language Arts - for a couple of days because I ran out of printer ink.  On Saturday.  So I knew we were out of black ink and I couldn't print anything, but totally failed to remember that fact any time I was near or in a store on Saturday through Tuesday. Which was at least five times, twice on Tuesday alone.  Bit of a senior moment there.  So I made an extra trip on Wednesday morning, just so we could have printer ink.  Anyway...

In Science, we discussed biochemistry and decomposers this week, and we are currently doing an experiment to evaluate the effects of temperature and light on the decomposition of food.  In particular, a banana, to which we introduced bread yeast just to make sure there is plenty of bacteria available.  Yum.  Sure makes me want to eat the rest of the bunch of bananas. ;-)

Landon had a section on advertising and propoganda in his Language Arts this past week and some of his answers cracked me up.  Here are a couple gems:

  • his propoganda sentence about "Poka-Cola" - it's the cheapest soda there is.

  • for "Tellogg's Wheat Flakes Cereal" - the flakiest cereal you can find!

The boy definitely has a gift for stating the obvious...  LOL  He also had to come up with a silly product he could market, and he decided on Chicken Skins.  Yes, the skins only.  Which, really, is a very good idea because -hellooooooo, what is the best part of fried chicken? The skin.  And with all the boneless skinless chicken on the store-shelves, one has to wonder what is happening to all that skin?  Wouldn't it be great if you could buy just KFC extra-crispy chicken skin?  Mmmmmm.... I can feel my cholesterol going up just typing that.  I guess I should perhaps be glad that it didn't occur to him to invent soundproof underwear, like a friend's son was planning on doing.  However, she did a little research and found that her inventor-son is too late - it's already been done.  Don't believe me?  Check this out:  UnderEZ  It's a real product, and I can pretty much guarantee a good laugh.

Kennady made muffins for HomeEc this week, so that's what we are enjoying for breakfast now.

In Other News:  The cat is into everything.  His latest is crawling under the dishwasher.  Let's just hope he doesn't get stuck under there, because there's no way to get him out that doesn't involve remodeling the kitchen.

Kennady got two bullseyes at archery class this week!  Still a little early in her career to start planning that bowhunting trip, but I am thinking that venison would be nice. 8-)  And related to that - I think we will have to buy a new fridge and/or freezer this weekend, because my freezers are full.  Completely.  I had to rearrange and get rid of some things to make room for the pizza kits and cinnamon rolls (gotta love youth group fundraisers) I brought home on Wednesday night, only to realize that any day now, the butcher will call me to come pick up the half hog.  I have NO idea where I will put any pork products, so I guess we will finally be shopping for the new fridge that we've been talking about buying for years now.  And then I will be better prepared for that venison, whenever Kennady does go bowhunting.

And on Wednesday we finished packing our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes so we could deliver them to church that evening.  Last year our boxes went to Madagascar - I wonder where they will go this year?

On My Bookshelf:

  • The Prophet by Francine Rivers

  • Feed Your Family on $12 a Day by Rhonda Barfield

  • Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn

  • The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory

Reviewed Silent in the Grave at Kym's Bookcase.

Parting Shot:

Can you spot the error as quickly as Landon did?

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Annie Kate said...

Love those inventions! :)

I can really identify with those senior moments! But my kids have them too, so I don't feel too bad.

Annie Kate

Canadagirl said...

You guys ALWAYS AMAZE ME with ALL you do. LOL on the underware invention. What curriculum do you use ? I can't remember. In your state do you have a teacher that comes and checks on you during the year ? Well, if you do you sound like you ace it. [0=

Hope to be around more now that life is calming down.

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<

kympossible said...

We use a mix of curricula and materials - some Alpha Omega, some Saxon, some AIG, and other stuff too. 8-) We do have to submit grades to our oversight group each quarter/semester, but we don't have to show a portfolio except at the end of the year - and that is to our own oversight, not to a public school. So really MD is a (surprisingly?) very easy state in which to homeschool!

See you around!

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