Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bakery Tour

On Monday, Kennady and Landon attended a field trip which toured a local bakery.  A total of eleven students from our group visited Starry Night Bakery and Cafe and learned about the bakery business and preparing baked goods on a large scale.  Since we visited during the Chrsitmas season, the bakery was busy turning out cookies and coffee cakes for special orders as well as supplying their own retail area with goodies.  it smelled so good!  Kennady was especially delighted with this trip because one of the careers she is considering (even though she is just 9yo!) is pastry chef.  She's been saying for a couple of years that she would like to work in a bakery when she grows up, so who knows!?  Each of the students was given three Christmas cut-out cookies and three cupcakes to decorate with American Buttercream icing, and i believe it was the first time any of them had used pastry bags.  They were given some instruction about how to use the bags to pipe the icing onto their cookies, and suggestions for getting their design ideas to work out, and then turned loose to decorate as they pleased.  Some of the kids had definite designs in mind, and worked diligently at creating artwork with the icing, while others took the approach of getting as much icing in as many colors as possible heaped on their cupcakes and cookies.  Those goodies were a little more difficult to get home in one piece, i suspect!  This was a yummy field trip, and I have a feeling it might lead to pastry bags and decorator tips being on Kennady's wishlist for Christmas and her next birthday!

(Pardon my typos - I am updating at the library and hurrying.  I will have to post pictures later!)


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