Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mission Accomplished - mostly...

After my curriculum fair preview posts (these ones), I thought I'd better follow up and let y'all know what I wound up buying. The odd thing is, that of the two things I actually NEEDED to buy - I only found one of them. Came up completely empty on Kennady's math book - how weird is that. Not that I'm worried, because a)she's probably not going to finish the current book by the end of this school year anyway; and 2)I can think of probably a dozen online stores I can buy it from.

(and yes, I'm well aware that I mixed letters and numbers for my sub-points in the preceding paragraph. It's a family quirk. Visit my other blog and read about our family love languages - it's one of those inside joke things, although I don't reference this one specifically in my explanation)

But I did find the ARTistic pursuits book that I wanted for Spencer:

I found the Level 3 Home Ec book for Kennady:

And I got this super-cool music appreciation/history curriculum from Bright Ideas Press - A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers:

(Yeah, about that closing paragraph in the Curriculum Fair Preview, Part Two.... where I said I had learned not to overschedule.... Oops. I may well be biting off more than we will want to chew, but I'll worry about that when we get there. I just thought this looked very manageable, in that it would be maybe 15 minutes a day most of the time. And we could probably do it at breakfast or at lunch, right? C'mon, work with me here!)

I attended three workshops by Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis, and bought a collection of books and DVDs from AiG... and had Mr Ham autograph one of the books. Yes, I'm a fan.  8-)

Now I'm going to steadfastly refuse to even begin entering lesson plans for next year until I have submitted final report cards for this year. Even if I have to sit - on - my - hands...


Annie Kate said...

We always bite off more than we can chew, too. And that's a good thing, because
1) it gives mom more incentive and excitement
B) the kids are thrilled when reality hits and we have to drop a subject. LOL

Enjoy the planning (or sitting on your hands).

Annie Kate

kympossible said...

Good perspective!!

Jessy said...

I've already started. I couldn't wait! I don't write down lesson plans, but I've been bookmarking sites, ideas and activities to go along with the major subjects area (like Apologia Astronomy and Prentice Hall Earth Science) next year. And I've been making a list of library books and videos too! LOL


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