Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Birthday Weekend PhotoJournal

The beginning of July holds three very special birthdays that our family celebrates - Canada Day on July 1st, Independence Day on July 4th, and very near to our hearts, Kennady's birthday on July 3rd.  Once again this year, we celebrated the birthdays on a trip to Canada.  Harrison and Spencer were at Creation, so it was just four of us this time.  We arrived in Ontario in the early morning hours of July 1st, and slept late into the morning, but that evening we had a family birthday dinner with Kennady followed by an outing to the city's Canada Day festivities.

The city celebration included a free concert and fireworks.  Pictures didn't really turn out well though.  My pictures of fireworks seldom do - I guess my camera just isn't designed for that.

On Sunday afternoon we went mini-golfing with Grandmum and Granddad - Kennady's choice of activity for her birthday - and the place we went had farm animals and I guess in the fall they do pumpkin patch and corn maze stuff.  We'd never been there before, and the place was fairly new.


After enjoying our ice cream there, we carried on to Port Dover.  Our plan had been to eat dinner (Lake Erie perch - yummy!!!) there, but to no one's surprise, it was very crowded, and we really weren't hungry at that point.  We paid a brief visit to the beach - just long enough to say "yep, we saw it"

Then instead of waiting forever to get into one of the seafood restaurants, we opted for takeout from the barbecue place.  Turned out to be a great decision!

Monday, July 4th, we headed back to the US and stayed at a hotel on Grand Island.  It was a nice place, one that would be a great spot for a few days' stay.  We really only had time to look around and admire the grounds and location.

We hunted down a pizza place and had some dinner, then went back into the town of Niagara Falls, NY to do the tourist thing and find a spot to watch fireworks.


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