Friday, August 19, 2011

Blast from the Past - School Daze

This was our first week of school, so I did try to get "official first day of school pictures" of my kids (you can see them here). Only Kennady cooperates at this point. I started taking this kind of picture on the first day of school a couple years ago, when Landon and Kennady were both willing (to some extent anyway) to play along. The older boys were never interested in having their pictures taken during school time. So my Blast from the Past for this week takes a look at some past school photos.

I took a whole series of pictures before getting the one above.  She was so darn cute, I may have to do a Blast from the Past post sometime that is just from that day's photo shoot! LOL

They must have been Kindie and Grade Two, but I'm not sure.

Yeah, he was lookin FINE that day.  *sigh*  I wonder if both cans of soda are his?  If he drank a can of Coke and a can of Vault for breakfast, that would explain a LOT.

You can totally tell that he is just patronizing me at this point.  Fake
smilegrimace, awkward pose - he is just hoping it will be over soon.

I wish I remember what joke I told to get him to smile.

And that was it - no more school pictures for Landon in Grade Six or for this year - Grade Seven.  Oh well.

I think that must be an eighth grade picture based on my assumption that it is a Saxon 8/7 math text he has open.  I could be wrong.

This is Harrison heading to his first day of class last year at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland - he wouldn't let me take a posed picture, so I snapped this one as he walked away.  LOL

And now, for the sake of amusement, nostalgia, and comparison... Here are first grade pictures of me and my husband.

Is it just me, or do those sneakers he's carrying look several sizes too big?  Other than that - stylin!  Also, the flowers - those can't be real?!? What kind would they be?  Lovin the trash cans in the background too.

Stop laughing.  Those were the only frames available back in those days.  Check out the pointless plastic barrettes - awesome.  It's the goofy smile that bothers me the most, actually.  I was probably missing a front tooth and didn't want anyone to see.

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Debbie said...

Great photos... I especially like the school photos of you and your hubby. I have posted some of my school photos. I have a bunch more. I love the glance through the years of first day of school photos. I may work on a post like that. I don't know how many actual first day of school photos I have. I usually forget... like I did this year.

Thanks for joining me and linking up to BFTP.

I have a question. You are the only one joining me these days. What do you think of moving Blast From The Past to Tuesdays?? Fridays are so busy on my blog. I have 2 or 3 other meme's I like to do on Friday. Or maybe Saturday?? What do you think. Leave me a comment on my blog and let me know what you think. If you like it best on Friday I can surely leave it there.

Debbie said...

Just wanted you to know I posted a new Blast From The Past. I decided to switch to Tuesday. I especially wanted you to know since you have been joining me each week lately. Post whenever you get time and leave me a comment when you link up so I can see that you linked and come see your post and leave you a comment.

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