Friday, November 4, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge - November 4th

This hasn't been the best ever week in terms of school or reading.  My weekly summary is going to be fun this week, I can just tell.

Thankfully, reading doesn't take much planning ahead, so I can feel good that at least we managed something!  We already had Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde started, so that was easy to continue with, and I can tell that the kids are getting more drawn into the story as we go along.  They think they know the story, because of the various adaptations and spinoffs in cartoons that they have seen, but this is the first experience they've had with the real thing, so I think there will be a few surprises along the way.

Of course, we continued to read about composers and music in A Young Scholar's Guide to the Composers.  This week we studied Joseph Haydn, and also read a book on his life by Eric Michael Summerer, as well as a little more in The World of Music by Nicola Barber and Mary Mure.

I've basically let science and history slide this week so no reading there.

This post is linked to the Reading Aloud Challenge hosted by Footprints in the Butter.


Debra Brinkman said...

I've never read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde... I bet that would be a fun one to do aloud!

You know the worst part of doing this Reading Aloud challenge? Every week, I end up adding another half-dozen books to my list of titles I really want to do at some point. LOL!

kympossible said...

I usually find books on other people's reading lists that I WISH my kids would be interested in.

Honestly, the first time I read Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde myself was just a couple years ago. I read Mary Reilly which is a novel of the same story from the housemaid's point of view, so I wanted to compare that version of the story with what Stevenson originally wrote.

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