Monday, February 20, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - February 20, 2012

Well, how did I do last week?  Not bad.  Always room for improvement!
  1. Get the grading caught up. Build the catapult and trebuchet in preparation for co-op classes.  Done - almost! ;-)  I have a couple of assignments sitting on my desk that haven't been entered in the Tracker yet, but I'm doing them this morning.  So almost all the grading was done last week.  I built the catapult and confirmed my decision to do that one first in co-op, which meant I could put off building the trebuchet to this week.
  2. Taxes.  Progress.  Have worked on it, but it's not finished yet.
  3. Clean my fridge.  Done!  Although I did only a quick job of it, didn't pull everything out and scrub the shelves.
  4. Reading... Done!  Finished the novel, and read from A House For My Name every day.
  5. Blog Goals... Done!  I didn't make the blog button though, because I didn't finish the taxes. I wish I had more time for commenting on other blogs!
  6. Meal planning... Progress!  Didn't do a great job of having a balanced, well-planned meal on the table every night, but at least I had a plan.
  7. Decluttering... Some progress.  Not much.  Two steps forward and one step back?! 
Plans for this week include:

  1. Keep up with grading.  Start planning next year's courses with Spencer.   It's still a couple of months until I go to the curriculum fairs, but I want to start talking with Spencer now about which credits he still needs and then start researching so I know what I'm looking for.
  2. Taxes.  'Nuff said.
  3. Sewing and mending.  I have neglected the mending pile for way too long, and still have a couple of partially finished sewing projects that I need to finish.  If I can tidy up and organize my sewing area this week and work on that, I will be happy.
  4. Reading... Still working through A House For My Name
  5. Blog Goals... a slow week for reviews, so I will try to get more commenting done!  And finish moving old posts over here.  I haven't blogged anything about the novel I read last week so I need to do that.
  6. Meal planning...  I already have Friday's meal planned, since we'll be at a church dinner!  And I even have a couple other dinners already planned, so I'd better be able to do this!
  7. Decluttering...  a little bit every week, better yet - every day.  Or at least most days.
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