Monday, April 2, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: April 2, 2012

  1. Grading and report cards. Done! And trying to stay on top of the grading for the remainder of the school year!
  2. Help Harrison file his taxes, and organize the financial records.  Progress!  Harrison's taxes are done, and I've reviewed them with him.  They will be filed this week, because we didn't have time on the weekend.  I'm still working on the organizing project - there are a lot of old things to purge!
  3. Start planning next year's curricula.  Not done.  I mean, I have the stuff rolling around in my head, have a pretty good idea what I need, but I haven't sat down with catalogs and websites and done price comparisons and all that fun stuff.
  4. Reading... Done!  I finished three novels last week! My bedside table feels empty! LOL
  5. Blog Goals... Done, mostly.  I was very busy this past weekend, so a couple of things ran behind.  I am still working on the book blog and didn't make much progress there.
  6. Meal planning.  Done, sort of.  I had a fairly easy time sticking to my game plan last week, and had a couple things already planned for this week, but I haven't really worked on a monthly menu plan yet.
  7. Decluttering... Tiny bit of progress...  I got some things cleaned up, but not nearly as much as I (idealistically) hoped to.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list: Progress. I DID find boots for Landon, plan the Good Friday service, and do various other tasks.  I did NOT take the cans to the depot - the day I'd planned to do it, it was raining and I decided it could wait for a more pleasant day! 
This week:
  1. Keep grading updated, prep for last co-op class.  Now that I've got everything caught up, I need to keep it that way!  I have to finish preparing for this week's co-op class - the last one!
  2. Financial records organizing.  Finish purging the outdated stuff that we don't need to keep, and tidy all the files up so they are easier to maintain.
  3. Curriculum plans.  Not a panic, as I still have plenty of time, but I am setting aside a little time to start wish listing and decision making.
  4. Reading... Almost finished A House for My Name, and a friend just loaned me a book called Ben and Me that I will start next. I guess I could start up another couple of novels, couldn't I? ;-)
  5. Blog Goals... all the usual, and if I remember correctly there is a review near the end of this week. Or maybe the beginning of next.  The weekend might be a little different because of Good Friday and Easter.  And I need to keep plugging away at the book blog.
  6. Meal planning and grocery budget project.  I will plan this week's menu and start penciling in the meal plans for the rest of the month.  And I've decided that it's time to take a better look at the coupons, and to use the envelope system for groceries as a way to keep me/us mindful of how much we are spending and see if we can cut back.
  7. Decluttering... As always.
  8. This week's errands and to-do list includes:  taking the cans to the depot, since I didn't do it last week; getting an inspection done on the van; bank and library; and other errands.

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Stopping by from the Crew ~ I need to get back into Goal Planning Monday ~

Christa Darr

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